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Your Essential Wedding Checklist – The Australian Jewish News


Determine your budget
It’s spreadsheet time! What is a must? What could you do without? It’s important to keep an organized expense spreadsheet that you can update along the way.

Make a guest list
After calculating the numbers, decide on a size. Halve the size between you and your future spouse and start listing your loved ones.

Choose your wedding party
From beloved siblings to your closest friends, deciding on your wedding party should be done early. Not only will they be a vital helper over the next few months in terms of planning for the big day, but their energy and enthusiasm will also make your wedding a fun and memorable celebration.

Book your chouppa and your reception location (s)
Popular spots are booked well in advance, so if you’ve got your favorite spots in mind, it’s definitely worth locking one down early.

Select a caterer
It’s always best to choose someone you trust and, more importantly, someone who will tailor a menu to your liking.

Book your rabbi and the synagogue
You want to make sure your wedding date doesn’t fall on a Jewish holiday and that your favorite rabbi is free, so call him now to book your date.

Book a group and / or DJ, accompanied by a photographer and / or videographer
Arrive early to have your first choice selected. Choose professionals who understand your vision for your special day and who you think will help make the occasion fun.

Do you need a wedding planner?
Will your budget allow a wedding planner to help you organize the celebration of your dreams? Talk to your friends and family and seek out reviews to see who might be the best fit.

What will you wear?
Will the bride have one or two dresses? Does the groom need an imported suit? Allow plenty of time to choose the right dress / suit, the factoring time required for importation, tailoring, etc.

Bridal outfit and wedding theme
Will your wedding be grand and opulent, or laid-back and rustic? Getting a feel for the style and theme of your big party will help inform the type of bridal decor and outfit.


Book a florist
What is a wedding without flowers? Browse websites and social media platforms to determine what interests you and select a florist you trust.

Schedule fittings for bridesmaid dresses / groomsmen suits
You want your surroundings to be perfect and to feel fabulous, then a scheduled fitting is always the best idea – plus it’s a fun day!

Book a pre-wedding class with your synagogue
You are about to spend the rest of your life with your spouse. Exploring shared values, ideals and expectations is the perfect start to a successful and fulfilling marriage.

It’s time to plan your honeymoon
It is difficult to plan a trip abroad now, so get creative and consider a dream getaway to Australia.


Arrange the bridal cars
There are many services out there, so you’ll be sure to find a supplier that matches your style.

Organize gift lists
Consider the price range, define your tastes, and think about what you need or want for your new married life. Now is also a good time to consider the charities you care about.

Finalize your guest list and update postal and email addresses
A few new guests may have been slipped onto your guest list in the past few months. Keep your room manager and caterer informed of the number of guests they are hosting.

Plan your menu with your caterer
Consider allergies and other dietary requirements of your guests, as well as your favorite dishes. Most caterers offer sample menus so you can modify and adapt your menu accordingly.

Select music with your DJ / band
Finalize a playlist and song schedule to help set the mood throughout your celebration.


Buy wedding rings
Take the time to shop around and make sure to arrange the perfect fit.

Finalize the floral arrangements
Make sure that you are defined on the appearance of your celebration. Give your florist time to organize the perfect arrangements and the flower choices used.

Draw the seating plan
Consider groups of guests who will work well together. You want everyone to enjoy each other’s company.

Start writing speeches
It’s time to grab a pen and tell your other speakers to do the same.

Make beauty appointments
From hair and makeup to tan and nails, book these essential beauty appointments now to make sure you’re in good hands and looking your best on D-Day.

Contact your photographer and videographer.
These will be some of your dearest moments, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas and let them know your preferences.


Final fitting of the wedding dress / costume
Make sure you feel comfortable and still like the outfits you have chosen. Break your shoes at home. No one wants blisters on their wedding day. Walk around the house in your heels and new dress shoes. Treat yourself to facials, spa treatments and finalize your coloring. Prep your skin and let your hair color set in before your big day!

Pick up wedding clothes
Get not only the wedding dress, but also dresses for your bridesmaids and suits for the groom and groomsmen.

Delegate the small tasks of the wedding day
Your bridal party, friends and family will be desperate to know how they can help you. Let them help you take the pressure off.

Confirm the final figures.
Contact the venue manager and caterers to cover any last minute invitations.


Take the time to visit the mikvah
It is customary for a bride to visit a mikvah before her wedding.

Processing time
Make sure you feel beautiful from head to toe. For the bride, this is when you should do your eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails, and for the groom, this is the time to visit your hairstylist.

Have a good night!
There is nothing more important than to relax and sleep well before the big day.

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