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“You shouldn’t get married”

A future groom cannot believe that his fiancée only has male friends and therefore no bridesmaids.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A ******” forum to comment. He comes from a traditional family who disapproves of his fiancee’s male friends. She, however, doesn’t think it’s a big deal to have the best men at her wedding instead of the bridesmaids. In revenge on her, the groom invited his ex-girlfriend to the wedding.

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“I recently proposed to my girlfriend Hanna,” he wrote. “As we organize the wedding, the problem arose: Hanna does not have a close girlfriend. Her best friends are all guys. My dad already thinks Hanna’s relationship with her male best friend is inappropriate and that she shouldn’t be that close to another guy when she’s in a long-term relationship. I said she should choose girls as bridesmaids instead. Hanna refused, saying she wasn’t close enough with the girls. I suggested that she ask her two sisters, which upset her as she hasn’t had any contact with her family for about 10 years. I kept trying to explain why it made me uncomfortable, but she just wouldn’t listen. She said it was unfair and claims there’s no way Jack is romantically interested in her. He says he’s gay.

He refused to listen to Hanna, then things got out of hand.

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“In the end, I said alright, she could have a guy on her side of the party, but only if I could have a girl on my side,” he explained. “Well, Hanna said it was good and she didn’t mind. It quickly changed when I said who I wanted to invite; my ex-girlfriend Sasha. I said it was hypocritical of Hanna to become jealous of my wanting a friend there when she wants her friend there. She said it was different, but I think it’s the same if not worse on her end. (Sasha doesn’t have a problem with Hanna but I think her friend doesn’t seem to like me, even though he never said it bluntly.) It’s not even my fault! I said either Jack is going and she asks her sisters to be bridesmaids or I have Sasha at the wedding party. Hanna doesn’t talk to me anymore.

Reddit users believed the groom’s behavior was immature.

“You claim that being jealous of a guy who has never dated your fiancée and, given his sexuality, never will be, is just as reasonable as being jealous of a woman you dated. for seven years, ”someone commented.

“You shouldn’t get married,” said another.

“Such a ridiculous request,” wrote one user.

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