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Woman wonders if she was wrong to bring eggs to vegan wedding after bride says she ‘ruined’ the day

A woman has wondered if she was wrong to bring a meal with eggs to a vegan wedding after the bride accused her of ‘ruining’ her day.

The woman, who goes by the username u/landofsunshine1 on Reddit, asked for comment on her choice in a Publish shared on the AITA subreddit [Am I the a**hole]where she revealed that she decided to bring her own meal because she had concerns about allergen cross-contamination, but it ended up irritating the bride.

According to the 21-year-old Reddit user, the incident happened at the recent wedding of her older brother, who she says was completely vegan because his new sister-in-law has been vegan since she was 12 and recently converted OP’s brother.

“Basically that meant all the catering was vegan food, even the alcohol, and they used petals from their garden instead of plastic confetti and things like that to make the wedding as eco-friendly as possible,” she explained. “I have no problem with any of that and I think it’s great.”

However, the woman said she had concerns about the food that would be provided during the wedding, as she suffered from multiple severe food allergies and was unsure whether she could trust the local neighborhood business hired by the married ones.

“The problem I often have with eating anywhere is that I have multiple allergies: peanuts, soy, sesame and a slight shellfish allergy as well,” she explained, adding that she was “suspicious” as peanut, soy and sesame allergies are particularly serious and landed her in hospital due to cross-contamination.

According to the woman, she spoke with her brother about her dietary restrictions before the event, but was not comfortable taking a chance because the couple were using “a local neighborhood business as their catering service instead of something professional” and because its allergens “were ingredients in many dishes”.

“It was too risky so I said I would bring my own food and he agreed that was the best option. I’ve done this with a lot of events like this in the past and it didn’t was never a problem,” she explained.

However, the woman said a problem arose on the wedding day, when she took out the tupperware meal she had made with eggs, at which point she said the bride stared at her with “horror”.

“I had bought some kind of homemade salad box that had two eggs on top and she literally looked at me in disgust the whole time we ate without saying anything. Once the meal was over, she pulled me aside and said that I had “ruined her meal and her appetite” and “ruined her day” and that I am clearly “a selfish person because I can’t even not make a secretion-free animal meal in a vegan wedding “and that was seriously disrespectful because the fact that it was a vegan wedding was the main focus,” the Reddit user continued.

The woman concluded the message by explaining that she had only brought her own food because the couple were unable to provide her with anything safe to eat, and that the bride must have “looked specifically” at the meal to recognize the eggs on the plate. However, she eventually questioned if she was wrong after her brother told her that the meal she brought was “tasteless” and that she should have brought something else.

The post has since been upvoted more than 8,000 times, with hundreds of Reddit users weighing in on the comments.

According to the majority of users, the woman was NTA [not the a**hole] because she was given permission to bring her own meal ahead of time.

On the contrary, many have suggested that the woman’s brother was in fact responsible for not informing his partner that his sister would bring her own meal and for not telling his sister that the meal she brought had to be vegan. .

“If the wedding was expected to be 100% vegan, your brother should have mentioned that when you asked to bring your own meal. Or better yet – if they are so particular they could have provided a vegan meal that you could safely eat,” one person wrote.

Another said: “NTA. You talked about it and got permission to bring your own food. You have done your due diligence. From there, it’s your brother’s responsibility to tell his new wife what’s going on.

“Unless they specifically ask you to cook a vegan meal, it makes perfect sense not to necessarily cook your own 100% vegan food. three common substitutes for animal products,” someone else wrote.

However, others have suggested that OP should have thought about bringing a vegan-friendly dish given the couple’s efforts to make the wedding vegan.

“I don’t think the OP is [an a**hole] but I wouldn’t bring anything non-vegan to a vegan wedding. Especially something as obviously non-vegan as an egg (like, no one would have noticed a little parmesan cheese or caesar dressing),” one person wrote.

Another person said, “If someone goes to such lengths to make their wedding 100% vegan and eco-friendly, it’s just common sense.

“Put chickpeas on your salad instead,” they added.

According to someone else, it should have been “really easy” for the wife to bring a safe vegan dish to eat, and it should have “been obvious that a rowdy vegan wedding wouldn’t want origin products. animal”.

“And that would have been the courteous and sensible thing to do,” they continued, adding, “Plus, cold hard boiled eggs stink of cold hard boiled eggs.”