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“Without TikTok, I would still be a wedding singer”

Viral sensations from TikTok have been reshaping the music landscape for some time.

For Chloe Adams, rather than traveling the country singing at weddings, she can now tap into the video-sharing platform’s new SoundOn music service.

The space offers unsigned artists a way to upload songs and metadata, get paid, and find distribution.

Prior to the launch of SoundOn last week, Chloe had already garnered over 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

Like so many hits, his song Dirty Thoughts quickly won over TikTok audiences first. It has since become popular on Spotify, with almost 10 million streams.

“I realized that building a big following on TikTok, or having my song go viral on TikTok, were some of the only ways up-and-coming artists were breaking through these days,” the 24-year-old said. years old, who lives in Leicester.

“Before coming out and playing my original music became my full-time job, I was part of a wedding band and performed at tons of weddings across the country.

“I was the lead vocalist and also played my acoustic guitar, which is where I would be right now if I had no way to get my original music online.”

TikTok logo on a phone

Before SoundOn, artists behind viral tracks had to leave TikTok to find distribution options.

Now they can do it all in one place, using the app to stream their music to all other streaming platforms, including Resso, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and Tencent’s Joox.

David Mogendorff, head of artist partnerships for TikTok in the UK, told the BBC: “It feels like every new artist emerging in the UK uses TikTok as a place to start showing people what it’s like. they can do and grow a fan base.”

SoundOn pays 100% royalties to music creators the first year and 90% thereafter. So the idea is to empower new and unknown artists and allow their popularity to snowball. There are also no administrative costs.

“Artist Friendly”

Although artists have been posting music on platforms like YouTube for years, some newbie singers are struggling to make money – only videos that get a lot of views can profit from ads.

With SoundOn, artists have more artistic autonomy over what they release, but they also have more power when it comes to signing with a potential record label, which they might choose to do later. .

“We want to do something that’s really user-friendly for artists at this early stage in their career. Every penny counts and we wanted to give people a service that really works for them,” Mogendorff said.

The technology, which is owned by Chinese internet giant ByteDance, allows artists to choose the model that suits them and remain totally independent, but the bar is set high.

“We have a fairly strict moderation and editing service in place to make sure people upload songs that belong to them and that follow our community guidelines,” he added.

SoundOn has now fully launched in the US, UK, Brazil and Indonesia with not only Chloe, but Abby Roberts, Games We Play and Muni Long all signing up.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X went viral on TikTok with his song Old Town Road

The ability for streaming services to receive music directly from SoundOn has been widely welcomed by the industry.

Nigel Harding, vice president of artist relations at Deezer, told the BBC: “Launching SoundOn is a completely logical move for TikTok.

“The platform has a massive reach and a very strong music community, which of course creates great appeal for up-and-coming artists.

“From Lil Nas X and Olivia Rodrigo to more emerging talents like PinkPantheress and Shygirl – TikTok and other social platforms are quickly becoming the default way to launch a music career.”

SoundOn will offer a range of artist support, including audience information and guidance in developing a dedicated artist team.

Beyond distribution, artists are concerned with getting their music to the right audience, which will always include traditional methods, like buying albums and merchandise or attending concerts.