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Why do people propose on one knee? Here’s a theory…” TwistedSifter

Love is in the air…

And that’s why we’re going to have the recap today on the right way to propose to someone and where this tradition came from.

There are several ideas as to why people propose on one knee, but one theory seems promising.

According to wedding planner Keith Willard, the practice may date back to when knights bowed down to noble women in medieval times. And kneeling was also common in ritual ceremonies and rites of passage. Art from the medieval period shows knights kneeling before noble women and feudal lords as a sign of respect.

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Willard says kneeling “places the proposer in a position of submission. Their whole life is now in each other’s hands, with the hope that the other will be kind and loving.

As for which knee you are supposed to propose on, there is no set rule but most people do it on their left knee as the majority of them are right handed and it makes it easier to position and opening the box with the ring…which is pretty important.

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And, although getting on the left knee is more common, it’s totally appropriate to propose on the right knee if you’re left-handed or just feel comfortable!

Now go out and fall in love!

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