Wedding Photographer

Why a wedding photographer’s story is going viral on TikTok

After a few more days of no contact, Shayla Herrington began to worry about the lack of information. In the TikTok, Herrington informs us that the bride was unresponsive to any communication, including texts, emails and phone calls. The day before the wedding, Herrington emailed the bride informing her that the contract she had signed was no longer valid and that she could not photograph the wedding.

However, in a shocking twist, the bride emailed Herrington on her wedding day and called her cancellation email ‘the most unprofessional thing she had ever witnessed’. She also left Herrington a bad review on Facebook. To wrap up the story, Herrington goes on to say that she refunded the bride her deposit despite her original non-refundable policy.

The story is undoubtedly wild, although the comments are mostly awash in support for Herrington, with the consensus that the bride was definitely wrong. Responding to some of the comments, Herrington admits that she has changed her policies since then and is much less lenient when it comes to sticky situations.

As Herrington seems to have learned, it’s always important to hold your ground and stick to your rules and policies. By doing so, you help protect yourself and your business no matter what.