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Who is Nicole Shanahan? In the life of Sergey Brin’s ex-wife

  • Nicole Shanahan was married to Google co-founder Sergey Brin for four years before the couple separated.
  • Shanahan founded the legal technology company ClearAccessIP before focusing on more philanthropic endeavours.
  • Shanahan and Brin have donated over $100 million to support fertility research.

Nicole Shanahan is the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, but her resume includes more than a four-year marriage to a billionaire.

Shanahan – who made headlines after the Wall Street Journal reported she had an affair with Tesla CEO Elon Musk while married to Brin – is a California-based attorney and founder legal technology company ClearAccessIP and the Bia-Echo Foundation.

She launched the foundation in 2019 and has given $100 million to social programs focused on efforts such as improving the criminal justice system and climate change. The funding also supports fertility later in life, a topic she has first-hand experience of after struggling to get pregnant in her 30s, the Chronicle of Philanthropy reported.

The mission of the Bia-Echo Foundation is “to invest in leaders of change at the forefront of innovation” in the key areas of criminal justice reform, the health of the planet, longevity and reproductive equality, according to its website.

Shanahan is also an academic member of CodeX, the Stanford Center of Legal Informatics, where she is working on a project that applies data science to the prosecution process, according to the Stanford Law directory.

Before Shanahan and Brin met at a yoga retreat in 2015, Shanahan was married to a financial executive, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The couple were first spotted together at the dating app CEO’s island wedding, according to Insider.

Despite her reported initial difficulties getting pregnant, the couple welcomed a daughter in 2018.

Shanahan opened up about her fertility issues in an emotional speech at the launch of the Center for Female Reproductive Longevity and Equality in 2019, Page Six reported.

“Like many women who aren’t quite ready to start a family in their early thirties, I decided, or so I thought at the time, to take matters into my own hands and freeze some embryos” , she said. “However, after three failed attempts at making embryos and three dozen visits to in vitro fertilization clinics in the Bay Area, I learned that I wasn’t as rock solid as I thought.”

In January, Brin filed for divorce after learning of Shanahan’s alleged affair with Musk, the Journal reported. Divorce proceedings are still ongoing.

“I hope Sergey and I move forward with dignity, honesty and harmony for the sake of our child,” Shanahan told Puck News earlier this month of the divorce. “And we’re both working towards that.”