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When your gear gets stolen in San Francisco, that’s where it ends up

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a lot of hardware theft in San Francisco. Thanks to ABC 7 News, one of the locations where the stolen material is found has been found and identified.

Journalist Dan Noyes spoke to a San Francisco man who revealed that many stolen goods are sold on the streets, often hours after the theft. One of the places of these transactions is an outdoor market in Garfield Square in the Mission District, and everything happens in broad daylight!

It all started when Dan Noyes shared a tweet earlier this month asking anyone with a car break-in video or photo to share it. As he says in his report, the tweet quickly received quite a few responses.

One of the people who contacted Noyes captured much of the exchange on camera. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been capturing the street sale of stolen items for over a year now, and he says he just wants it to stop. According to him, all this happens in broad daylight, often when the children are playing football a few meters away.

It didn’t end with photo and video evidence alone. The man says he wrote “a detailed, detailed email to the San Francisco Police Department” about the illegal sales. It was last September that he reportedly got a call from an investigator about the case, but that was it.

“Have you seen a crackdown? Did the police do anything that you could see? Noyes asked. The man replied that nothing had been done yet, at least to his knowledge. “Given how egregious and brazen it is, it is alarming that it is taking so long to fix it,” he concluded.

Noyes spoke with Hillary Ronen, a Mission district supervisor. They asked if the police had been aggressive enough to deal with the problem like the resident who sees the open-air market for stolen goods. Ronen looked a little confused, but she replied, “No, I mean, no, they didn’t.”

The reporter also spoke to Capt. Gavin McEachern of the Mission Police Station. He said the aforementioned email from the concerned citizen arrived before he took over. “I, and as a police officer, would have jumped on it, we would have had, you know, we would have been on it,” he claimed. Still, nothing has changed and ABC7 News reports that investigators are still working on the case.

We’ve covered many hardware thefts here on DIYP, and many of them have taken place in San Francisco. Our pal Jeff Graham got robbed while the camera was rolling, and he shared some places in San Francisco where it’s best not to take your gear. Earlier this year, a wedding photographer was assaulted in the middle of a couple’s photo shoot. And the most recent case shows a chilling few minutes of armed robbers seizing equipment from the Canadian film crew’s car.

I’m not going to say that the police do nothing, because I don’t know, I’m not a resident of San Francisco (although I could always complain about the Serbian police). But according to Noyes’ report, they could be doing a better job of preventing both theft and illegal sales of electronic devices. But, until that happens, be extra careful with your gear and yourself.

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