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What work does Varya Malina do to earn money in 2022

Varya Malina from the 90 day fiance franchise is a “Jill of all trades” and has various sources of income, following her exit from reality television. The Russian native debuted on the show with her beau Geoffrey Paschel in 2020. Just like the other couples on the show, Varya and Geoffrey had their share of disagreements and arguments, but they got engaged in America anyway. , towards the end of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days season 4. However, Varya’s happiness was short-lived, as in February 2022, Geoffrey was sent to prison, after being convicted of kidnapping and assaulting one of his exes.


Since the 44-year-old was sentenced to 18 years behind bars, Varya, 33, has put on a brave face on Instagram, amid criticism she is receiving for trying to clear the name of a criminal. Apart from her constant attempts to drum up sympathy from fans, while expressing how much she misses Geoffrey, Varya has been busy. She has various jobs that help her earn a living in 2022. Although they did not get married, Varya was still able to immigrate to the United States through the Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) program. She currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, looking after Geoffrey’s home, dogs, and rental properties. Varya is employed as a nanny and calls the job, “challenging and fun.“She says taking care of children is one,”gold mine in America.“Outside of all that, Varya does, “social mediafor work, which means she earns through Instagram’s Reels bonus program and paid partnerships with different brands.

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Varya participated in a medical research study to earn money

In June, Varya, who has been open about her mental health issues, took part in a medical research study. It focused on how treatments for depression and anxiety affect blood pressure. 90 day fiance Celebrity Varya had a health issue during the selection process. Her heart rate, which was supposed to be at least 50, dropped to 40. She continued the study, after which she complained of not sleeping well, dry mouth, anxiety and blurred vision. The last symptom made her drunk, even though she was sober. These are the side effects of the medication (two different antidepressants) that Varya received during the study.

She was eventually withdrawn from the medical trial due to her terrible side effects. Still, Varya’s payment was not affected, despite the fact that she was unable to complete the study. Varya told her Instagram followers that she won $3,500 by participating. 90 day fiance fans asked Varya to avoid taking risks with her health, and she admitted she learned that lesson the hard way. She was working as a radio host in Russia and trying to build a career as a YouTuber. Varya was also a wedding planner and organized weddings.

Right now, her gigs as an Instagram influencer, part-time nanny and property manager seem to be helping her make a lot of money, while she waits for her soon-to-be husband to be released from prison. Varya was also seen trying to raise funds to free him, which 90 day fiance fans criticized her. Fans think Varya’s fundraising is offensive, and some also accuse her of using her relationship with Geoffrey to stay relevant. Her updates on the struggles she’s going through don’t go unnoticed, but at the same time, her lavish Instagram lifestyle raises eyebrows.

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Source: Varya Malina/Instagram