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“What she needs is reality check”


A man does not let his sister spend her honeymoon at home, and this causes a breakup in the family.

He asked the Reddit “Am I the A ******” forum for advice. He bought his family’s lakeside house in 2017. His parents needed the money to pay for his sister’s college, and he needed a house. The arrangement worked perfectly until her sister got engaged. She’s determined to spend her honeymoon at the Lake House, but the Reddit poster doesn’t want the newlyweds to stay there.

“My house belonged to my parents,” he writes. “But they sold it to me in 2017. It was a family vacation home. My father suggested that I buy the lake house from them. Turns out sister didn’t have any savings for college and didn’t get a scholarship as she planned? And our parents couldn’t afford to pay for everything. Their solution was to sell the lake house and use the money from it to fund his college. I had many fond memories of the lake house, so eventually I accepted. My girlfriend moved in permanently last year before the lockdown and it was pretty blissful. ”

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Things got less happy after her sister told her about her plans after the wedding.

“[In] 2019, my sister and her college boyfriend got engaged, ”he explained. “The parents agreed to pay for her marriage. Problems arose recently when my sister asked me where I was going to stay for the 2 weeks after her marriage? Puzzled, I replied: “My house? She got a bitter look and said it wouldn’t work [because] she and her fiance would be there and they wanted some private time. I asked why they were at my house, and she said that was where they spent their honeymoon. I said it was news to me. She insisted that our parents said it was good. I said no again, so sister threatened to take me out of the wedding party. I just shrugged my shoulders and said okay. She does not speak to me and I am not invited to the wedding. Our parents keep calling me and telling me I should do this for her.

Reddit users believed the family had unreasonable expectations.

“Your sister is crazy to expect this before even confirming with you,” someone commented.

“What she needs is reality check, not a marriage,” wrote another.

“This is your home, not a hotel,” said one user.

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