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We’re wedding experts – the essential guide to surviving a marriage during a heatwave and five tips for staying cool

YOU may have considered the likely temperature of the season when planning your wedding.

But unless you have psychic powers, it’s unlikely you haven’t predicted how scorching the heat will be this summer, and you may have found yourself worrying about how you, your wedding and your guests will manage.


Follow these tips to ensure your guests have the best dayCredit: Getty

Luckily, Tracey Heyes, wedding coordinator at Stoke Place Hotel in Buckinghamshire, and Lisa Forde, founder of wedding stationery company Tree of Hearts, spoke with Subwayto share their essential tips for surviving a hot marriage.

Tips to help travelers

Add refreshing gifts

Having gifts that will help refresh your guests is a great way to help them enjoy your nuptials, despite the heat.

Lisa suggests handing out umbrellas, fans and bottled water upon arrival, and plans to hand out ice cream after the ceremony.

She further suggests: “Someone must have forgotten their sunscreen, maybe they’ve scattered some around the room or have one of the ushers go around and check if anyone needs it. – it gets people talking and will result in a few laughs”

Have plenty of soft drink options

Tracey says: “Although it is much appreciated to host a fantastic drinks reception for your guests on arrival and after the ceremony, often including bubbly and beer, on a hot day the alcohol will probably dehydrate you more.”

While many people will still want to grab a drink or two, also consider having a number of mocktails or iced teas and coffees available.

Ask for help instead

The venue staff will likely have a lot of experience organizing weddings in all weathers, so be sure to ask for advice.

This can be particularly important for outdoor weddings, where you may have questions about the shade, or whether it is best to move the ceremony indoors, which may be the case if there are The air conditioning.

And if your wedding is indoors and there’s no air conditioning available, be sure to ask about ventilation and whether any windows and/or doors will be left open.

Bug candles

With the heat bringing bugs, a great way to keep all of your guests from being bitten is to have bug candles scattered around the room.

This will ensure that your “I do’s” aren’t smashed through the door, but tons of creepy crawlies, all without ruining the romantic mood of the day.

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Tips to Help Your Wedding Party

Contact your beauty team before the day

Lisa stresses the importance of contacting your beauty professionals, if you hire any, before the day itself so you can ask them for advice on how to make sure the makeup lasts all day and no one sweat.

As for the hair, she suggests considering an “up-do or hairstyle with hair in the face for the bride and bridesmaids.”

Chat with the photographer

You may have already planned the best shots for your wedding day, but if there’s an unexpected amount of sunshine, Tracey suggests discussing other potential shots.

“Shooting in bright sunlight can not only be difficult for editing, but also uncomfortable for your wedding party.

“Your photographer will be able to tell you when and where it’s best to take your photos, taking into account the time of day.”

Don’t forget to freshen up

“Run cold water regularly on your wrists when you feel hot,” Lisa recommends, “or have a cold flannel nearby at all times to do the same. It’s a quick way to cool everything down. the body.

Remember to take care of staff and vendors

It can be easy to overlook staff and vendors in the hustle and bustle of the big day, but they’ll also have to deal with the heat – while working too.

Tracey suggests talking to your wedding coordinator to make sure someone checks in with vendors to make sure they’re hydrated and to see if they need a quick break.

Consider changing your wardrobe

While this may be impossible, or rather difficult for some, there are some quick trades you may be able to complete.

“Wearing a suit is going to be quite uncomfortable for the men at your wedding,” Lisa says, suggesting they could wear semi-lined suits or lighter shirts instead.

She also suggests changing shoes, especially if you or your bridesmaids are wearing heels.