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Wedding trends that are no longer cool in 2022

Whether you’ve attended many weddings or watched many fake ceremonies take place on the big screen, you’re probably familiar with classic wedding traditions. From the father-daughter dance, to the cutting of the ceremonial cake, to the best man and bridesmaid speeches, there are many small moments that make up a typical wedding day. Although these wedding rituals have been practiced for as long as we can remember, some of them are on the way out. Wedding planner Tory Smith calls this move “trend anti-trend.” “The whole industry is moving away from cookie cutter weddings and we’re here for it,” event planner Smith + James shared with Brides.

In the middle of the “anti-trend” there are also particular traditions that are becoming less common. For example, people walk away from the toasts at the reception. According vogue, many couples have preferred to schedule speeches and toasts for the night before the wedding, when there is a smaller, more intimate crowd. Couples have also done away with bouquet and garter tossing. “Couples don’t want to empty their dance floor for these outdated traditions,” PA Unveiled’s Thomas Beaman shared with Initiated. “We planned and photographed 47 weddings last year and only four or five couples threw a bouquet or a garter.”