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Wedding photographer returns home after months of rehabilitation following helicopter crash

A Christchurch photographer seriously injured in a helicopter crash on the wedding day says she hopes to reunite with the couple and document their second wedding day on their first anniversary.

Rachel Jordan was photographing a wedding in Canterbury when the helicopter she was in broke down and crashed.

Jordan, the pilot and the bride and groom were all rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

Jordan returned home after months of rehab and said she can’t wait to get back to doing what she loves.

“The rehabilitation is going well. I just started walking with a gutter frame. Everything is slow, slow motion and I guess when you have a spinal injury everything is in small steps. like being in a sense that every part of your body needs to be relearned to work. “

“I thought I probably wouldn’t be walking for a month or so, then I just went to stand by the bar frames and my body just wanted to walk and that’s great, I wanted to throw a little party but it was lockdown so no one can come and party with me.

“Goal setting is really important, so my goal when I got to the rehab unit was to get out of there with a walker, you know, and I hit that goal. The last day I was. was there, I started to walk and it was quite beautiful for me anyway.

“I achieved my goal, you know? My body worked.”

“I was able to leave (the rehabilitation center), but I had not seen anyone for weeks, so it’s been three weeks since I saw anyone and everything was fairly disinfected in the establishment … everyone is hidden, no one is allowed to enter if you are not working in the establishment, so it is quite closed.

“It’s been three months since, you know, I got home and it’s perfect, I love it, I’m so happy to be home.”

Jordan is in touch with the couple whose wedding she was photographing on the day of the crash.

“We chat every now and then and just listen to how they’re doing, and you know they’re recovering at home and also doing rehab, so their rehab continues.

“Overall we’re doing pretty well given the situation we’re facing. We plan to meet in a year.

“So next winter, I hope we celebrate the anniversary of the rest of the wedding they didn’t have. It was a perfect and beautiful wedding day. That was literally what kids are made of. dreams It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony … perfect weather, the dress was amazing, the family was partying and dancing and it was absolutely beautiful.

“Everything was perfect until you know, obviously we crashed but other than that, as you know the couple got married. They must have made a cake cut in the hospital after the fact. . It’s not the best thing that has happened, but it’s just bittersweet, they deserve to have the biggest party in the whole world. You know they deserve such a beautiful day to come from all over the place. this experience. “

She would love to photograph the couple’s anniversary / second wedding day.

“It’s an accomplishment for me. Coming back to photograph their day and take their photos in the mountains. It’s like coming full circle and finishing what we started doing.”

“I love to take pictures and where there is a will there is a way like I’m in a wheelchair for many, many months to come, I will still be doing photography.

“You know that won’t stop me from doing what I love to do, but yes my goals are just to keep doing what I’m doing.”

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