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Wedding photographer asks couples to fake drunk in photos

  • Myriam Ménard is a wedding and elopement photographer.
  • She went viral on TikTok for one of her photography tips: pretending to be drunk for photos.
  • Ménard told Insider the trick is effective because it allows people to relax and look natural.

A wedding photographer has revealed the secret to looking natural in photos on TikTok: pretending to be drunk.

Myriam Ménard, 41, is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Montreal. She travels all over the world to photograph couples and has had her own company, Crémeux Photo, for six years.

She says she works to create “emotional images” that are “warm, authentic and intimate”.

In April, Menard was in Sint Maarten scouting locations, and she did a stylish photo shoot with a real couple and models Claudia Soria Marín and Stefano García, as Menard told Insider.

They took pictures in various locations, but for part of the session, Menard had Marín and García pose on a hill. As they posed, she made a seemingly odd request of them: pretend to be drunk and walk down the hill.

While the pose hack might come as a surprise to anyone who’s taken photos while drunk, Menard told Insider it can be an effective way to get people to relax in photos. .

A couple hold hands and walk down a hill past a castle.

Myriam Ménard pretends to be drunk to her clients.

Creamy Picture

“They get lost,” Menard said of what happens to subjects when she tells them to pretend to be drunk. “They just forget I’m there or they’re doing a photoshoot.”

“Everyone is embarrassed in front of the camera,” she continued. “I just want them to forget they’re here for a shoot, so they let loose and have fun.”

This natural energy also makes photos look candid and fun, as seen in Menard’s work.

Menard thinks the trick makes people beautiful because they capture a real moment of joy.

“They’re just natural,” she told Insider. “They don’t pose. They create a real moment.”

A couple look at each other and laugh as they walk down a hill.

The photos look candid.

Creamy Picture

Marín said a photographer had never asked her to pose drunk before, but she thought it would be fun and “fell in love” with the trick when she saw the finished photos.

Menard posted behind-the-scenes videos of the shoot on TikTok, and people were mesmerized by the hack.

A TikTok of Marín and García coming down the hill in the shoot has over 15.5 million views to date, and a follow-up has over 5 million views.

Menard said she was surprised her videos became so popular.

“I didn’t expect it, but I was excited at the same time,” she told Insider of her reaction.

Although the trick is a staple for Menard, she said she always makes sure her clients are comfortable with the subject of alcohol before incorporating the trick into a shoot, and they are not, she has many other ways to make couples relax.

For example, another of his favorite moves is to secretly tell a person to pretend they’ve lost their sense of smell and try to remember their partner’s scent when taking pictures.

“I love this trick because sometimes the person just feels their partner very softly and very tenderly, and it gets really quiet and intimate, but sometimes it’s totally the opposite,” she said. “The partner just goes crazy and smells, makes noises, so it can be really different from partner to partner. So I love that because it makes them more personal.”

A couple smiles as they walk down a hill together.

The images have gone viral on TikTok.

Creamy Picture

But most importantly, according to Menard, the key to a great photo shoot is simply putting your clients at ease.

“I’ve noticed a lot of couples are scared before their engagement session or runaway if we haven’t met yet,” she said. “They are afraid that we pose and that they feel uncomfortable. So I try to reassure my couples that it will be fun, that we will do stupid things, and that we do not take it is too serious.”