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Wedding party entry sparks massive reaction

Images of an unconventional wedding party entrance sparked controversy after going viral on TikTok.

User @amanda_holmberg, one of the bridesmaids, shared footage from the iconic moment which has been viewed over 13 million times.

In the video, four different pairs entered the wedding area through a lavish arch, each with a quick display of the personality.

The first groomsman knocked a bridesmaid onto his arm, then another pair performed a masterful game using a bunch like a soccer ball.

The third threw his flowers on the ground and performed the intricate handshake routine of “The Parent Trap,” and the fourth took big sips from a glass before throwing his glasses aside and rearing up in the air. the aisle, then the bridesmaid pretended to stir the groomsman like a fish.

The couple set to tie the knot was nowhere to be seen in the footage, suggesting that they could have been further down the aisle for the ceremony or that it took place at the reception before entering The area.

“I’d rather die than do this,” one user said.

“I am embarrassed for them,” wrote another.

Some commentators loved the viral moment.

“You are not fun at all, they seem to be having fun, leave them alone,” one wrote.

“I would love to have friends like this omg, it sounds so fun,” said another.

A duo response to the video also went viral on TikTok, in which user @zoeklar shared that she would rather “start a new life” if ever she had to do a “fun little entryway thing” like that.

“My wedding will be a theatrical experience, but I don’t want a wedding party. Just a system of flies and pyrotechnics, ”replied one commentator.

“I just attended a wedding like this and was so confused. I didn’t know it was one thing, ”said another.

As with any viral wedding content, it’s important to remember that your marriage is yours alone. If you want extravagant entrees, you do – but maybe check with your wedding party to make sure they’re comfortable first.

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