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Wedding ceremony photos ruined by an unthinkable act

A wedding photographer has revealed a bridesmaid’s outrageous act at a ceremony, causing an internet frenzy.

A screenshot of the snapper’s post has gone viral on Reddit, showing exactly what sparked the furor.

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“This wedding was booked by the young lady in the back, wiping away a tear,” the photographer wrote.

“The bride was on a tight budget…she wanted her to have quality photos of her special day.”

But rather than the bride being the center of attention, it was her best friend – one of the bridesmaids – who stole the show.

A wedding photographer has revealed the shocking act of a bridesmaid at a ceremony. Credit: Reddit

Standing behind the bride, the woman is seen with her head buried in her phone.

“The one on her phone is the husband’s sister,” the photographer posted on Reddit.

“She’s on her phone the whole ceremony.”

The photographer took to social media for help. Credit: Reddit

The photographer took to social media for help, asking whether or not she should deliver the photos showing the disinterested bridesmaid.

“Only delivering photos from the groom’s side? Doesn’t seem appropriate. Thoughts?” writes the photographer.

Edit pictures

Hundreds of people commented on the post, with most saying the photographer should deliver the photos.

“I say give her all the pics and then she can figure out what to do with them (and figure out how f***y she is with it),” one person commented.

“I totally agree,” said another. “Give her all the pictures and let her decide.

“And be sure to warn him that some of the photos had this young woman on his phone all the time.”

But some people suggested the photographer manipulate the images to remove the indiscretion.

“Maybe someone could find a photoshop assistant and possibly replace the phone with flowers or something,” one person suggested.

“Going from phone to flowers is actually very easy. Taking the woman out completely would also be worth it,” another said.

“Honestly, I would just ‘buy the whole woman’,” one commented.

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