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UK Wedding Season Release Date: Cast and Trailer

Sit back and enjoy this new romantic comedy about a mismatched couple who unexpectedly find love

It’s wedding season, so it’s no surprise that Netflix has given viewers a romantic comedy centered around an ill-matched couple who fall in love during said season.

The film not only documents the couple’s love story, but also the wider impact of marriages on the family.

It’s warm, touching and funny – a perfect watch for a hot summer evening.

But, what exactly is wedding season about, who’s in the cast, and how can you watch?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Suraj Sharma and Pallavi Sharda who play lead characters Ravi and Asha respectively in the Netflix romantic comedy Wedding Season.

What is wedding season all about?

Wedding Season is a Netflix romantic comedy about an Indian-American man and woman who pretend to be dating because they’re tired of their parents asking when they’re getting married.

Asha is a successful woman whose career-driven lifestyle doesn’t sit well with her parents’ vision of finding her a suitable husband.

Fed up with being set up and having her mother create dating profiles for her without her knowledge, Asha pretends to be dating Ravi – whose parents have also created a dating profile on her behalf.

Ravi is sort of the opposite of Asha as he is extremely laid back and out of work.

Unsurprisingly, their huge differences mean their first date doesn’t go well, but Asha and Ravi agree to pretend to date while they attend a summer of weddings so they can stop their parents from stalking them. nagging about their love life and marriage intentions.

One of the people getting married is Asha’s sister, Priya, who is the first person in her family to marry outside of her nationality, although her fiancé Nick is still trying to be the model Indian husband.

Asha and Ravi then find, of course, that they really fall in love with each other when they spend so much time together.

Who is in the cast?

The cast is led by Suraj Sharma and Pallavi Sharda who play lead characters Ravi and Asha respectively.

Sharma, 29, is an Indian actor who made his debut in the 2012 film Life of Pi, a role that earned him a BAFTA Rising Star Award nomination.

In 2014 he portrayed Aayan Ibrahim in season 4 of Homeland, and in 2022 he played the role of Sid in How I Met Your Father spin off How I Met Your Father.

Sharda, 30, is an Australian-Indian actress and Indian classical Bharatha Natyam dancer.

Her film credits include Oscar nominated film Lion (2016) and Bollywood films Begum Jaan (2017) and Hawaizaada (2015).

Sharda is working on her currently untitled first book, which explores her identity struggles as an Indian living in Australia, and is due out next year.

Asha’s sister, Priya, is played by Arianna Afsar, and her future husband Nick is played by Sean Kleier.

Other cast members include Rizwan Manji, who is best known for his portrayal of Ray Butani in Schitt’s Creek, and brother and sister acting duo Manoj Sood and Veena Sood.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer for the movie.

Wedding Season is available to watch on the Netflix streaming service.

It will be available to watch in the UK from 8am on Thursday August 4, 2022.