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TLG MCR Ltd. T/A TLG Photography Makeup to provide wedding photography and makeup services in Manchester and Glasgow

(An Asian bride in the UK with Bridal Mehndi and wearing traditional gold jewelry)

Manchester, UK. September 16e: TLG Mcr Ltd. Trading as TLG Photography Makeup provides wedding photography, videography and bridal makeup services. The company has unveiled plans to provide services in Manchester and Glasgow – TLG Photography Makeup specializes in Asian weddings.

The company run by Mr. Hamid Minhas, himself from the sub-continent, has a full team of highly experienced photographers, videographers and make-up artists who will be based in Glasgow and Manchester. TLG will provide services including: Asian wedding photography, Asian wedding videography and Asian bridal makeup.

During a meeting in Manchester at the launch of the business, Mr. Hamid Minhas, Director and CEO of TLG MCR, said: “TLG Photography Makeup was established to better serve Asian clients based in the UK and specifically in Manchester and Glasgow. Both Glasgow and Manchester are home to a large ethnic population from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. There has always been a need to fill the void in the market and provide Asian wedding photography, Asian wedding videography and Asian bridal makeup services to those clients who expect great value and styles comparable to those they would expect at home. Having a large team of female wedding photographers and videographers, we are fully prepared to cover religiously segregated weddings as well.

Wedding photography, videography and bridal makeup services are the most vital part of an Asian wedding. Not only does an Asian bride want to look her best, but she, her groom and their families also want those most precious moments to be remembered forever. It is through photographs and wedding film that these memories are captured and become timeless.

Asian weddings are filled with rituals and rasams. A good wedding photographer and videographer experienced in Asian weddings will know the significance of these rituals and do a much better job of capturing these moments.

The most favorable style of wedding photography and videography is documentary. However, a good photographer and videographer should also make sure to set up shots, such as group shots as well as shots of the married couple alone. Candid photography is a great way to capture the essence of the wedding and the good mood of family members and friends.

About TLG Photography Makeup

Based in the UK, TLG Photography Makeup provides services throughout the UK. The company specializes in Asian wedding photography, videography and Asian bridal makeup.

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