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Tips on Early Summer Wedding Etiquette

(Meredith) – The start of summer marks the start of another season – we’re talking wedding season!

Rachel Sylvester, editor at Real Simple, has some helpful tips on wedding etiquette.

Sylvester said there is more to being a good wedding guest than just showing up at the start of the ceremony. Your assignment begins as soon as you receive the invitation in the mail.

“Once you’ve received it, open it, take a look at the dates and confirm whether or not you can attend. It’s always best to let this couple know within a week of receiving your reservation date. At the end of the day, it’s easy to wait and put it aside, but you want to let the couple know as quickly as possible in order to minimize the stress level of planning the wedding, ”Sylvester said.

Sylvester says it’s a sweet gesture to send a gift if you can’t attend the wedding. If you cannot send a gift, you can choose to send a congratulatory card.

“When shopping, this is the quickest and fastest route if you go directly to the couple’s wedding website or their registry. That way you can buy them something they are. safe to use and love, ”Sylvester said.

Sylvester said that instead of bringing the gift in hand to the wedding, ship it to their residence before the wedding day. That way, it’s not another thing they have to worry about taking home.

It always helps to be overdressed rather than underdressed when it comes to wedding attire, Sylvester said. Check the dress code on the wedding invitation. If the couple’s website or wedding invitation doesn’t say what you can or can’t wear, research the venue.

“Everyone always knows the golden rule of weddings that you should avoid wearing white, but this also applies to colors like off-white, ivory and anything that is a bit too flashy, for example. eg red or sequins Leave that to the bridesmaids or mother of the bride, ”Sylvester said.

Sylvester said it is always good to be careful with your cell phone during the ceremony and reception. Turn off your phone, put it in your bag and be in the moment. The professional photographer hired by the couple is there to capture the great moments.

“During the first kiss or recession, when the couple is walking down the aisle hand in hand, keep your phone away from this shot. Try to turn off your flash during reception so as not to interfere with it. the photographer’s shots, ”Sylvester said.

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