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Tiffany Trump’s Mar-a-Lago wedding featured masked dancers and an eight-tier cake

Former first daughter Tiffany Trump married businessman Michael Boulos on Saturday, Nov. 12, in a lavish event held at the Trump Mar-a-Lago property in Palm Beach, Florida. The groom popped the question in January 2021 at the White House Rose Garden, days before the bride’s father left his office. Here are some details about the Trump-Boulos nuptials.

The guest list

Marriage was a more intimate affair than you might think: the New York Times reports that around 250 guests attended, including Tiffany’s siblings and partners Kimberly Guilfoyle, Jared Kushner and Lara Trump. (Eric and Lara Trump were also married at the “Winter White House” in 2014.) Florida congressman and Trump ally Matt Gaetz also attended the celebration.

The fashion

For the ceremony, Tiffany wore a custom beaded dress designed by Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab. Mother of the Bride Maples says People the dress was chosen as a tribute to the groom’s Lebanese heritage. Tiffany then changed into a simple white dress for the reception, paired with a huge diamond necklace, befitting a bride named after the famous jewelry store.

Sister Ivanka donned a blue dress that may look familiar to Hitchcock fans: the Greek number is a copy of Grace Kelly’s dress in To catch a thief. Meanwhile, Melania Trump wore a almost white dress, narrowly avoiding a wedding faux pas.

The reception

Tiffany is known for her penchant for bling — she once commissioned a dazzling five-by-seven-foot portrait of herself — so a glitzy party was pretty much a no-brainer. International event planner Toni Breiss coordinated the event, which featured exaggerated centerpieces bursting with pink and purple roses and blue hydrangeas. The party kicked off with an…interesting number performed by a handful of blindfolded ladies before the newlyweds entered the venue.

For the first dance, Boulous and Tiffany twirled to an interpretation of “I can’t help but fall in love” with Elvis. Despite the Democrats retaining the Senate that night, Donald and Tiffany were swayed by The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” for the father-daughter dance. The couple’s eight-tier wedding cake was decorated with white flowers, a nod to Maples and Trump’s 1993 wedding cake.

The drama

Would it be a wedding without a show? Given the former president’s propensity for drama on social media, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the awkward moment unfolded online. On Sunday, Ivanka posted a series of photos from the wedding, mysteriously cropping Guilfoyle, her brother’s fiancée. Whether the trim was intentional or not, it sparked internet attention where viewers wondered why Guilfoyle – dressed all in black amid the pastel party – was cut out of the photo.


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