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This wedding photographer fell into a pond as the bride entered

We all have that embarrassing working memory that lives in our rentless brains and ready to resurface every time we close our eyes for more than five seconds. Maybe you accidentally pushed open a sliding door in front of your boss. Or spilled coffee on yourself as your work crush passed. Either way, be glad you’re not that photographer who was captured on TikTok falling backwards into a pond in front of an entire wedding procession — just as the bride was walking down the aisle.

TikTok user Zac Chevron (@venom__h) posted a video of the aftermath of the fall on TikTok where, of course, it went viral instantly and gained 2.3 million views in just one week.

A man can be seen in the video pulling himself out of the water, soaked to the skin, before rushing out and running into the yard to continue taking photos of the bride – who miraculously kept her cool and had a serene smile plastered to his face. Kudos to her because if it was my wedding, I wouldn’t know how to act.

In the background, the wedding entrance music continued to play non-stop as guests tried to contain their laughter and act as if nothing had happened.


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♬ We Don’t Jump – Remix – Monaleo & Flo Milli

Honestly, if I was that wedding photographer, I would have stayed in that pool and drowned. There’s no way I can come back from such a soul-destroying mistake.

But the photographer in question, bless his heart, has since shared his own images of the fall and has taken full ownership of the situation.

Sergio Minnici (@sergio_minnici_films) uploaded a TikTok of his backwards pitch in all its glory with the caption, “Things happen when you’re in love with your job.”


Things happen when you’re in love with your job ❤️ Thank you all for yesterday, the energy even after this episode was very positive! @peteevenson & @rach_ehsan’s wedding was beautiful and exciting. Thanks to @mancini_danny for helping me with this wedding he reacted like a true gentleman and warrior weddingcinema #weddingcinematography #sergiominnicifilms #thedailywedding #realwedding #florencewedding #togetherjournal #belovedstories #weddingineurope #tuscanywedding #wedding #weddingday #bridecrow #btswedding # seacabo

♬ Se Acabo (with Method Man) (Remix) – The Beatnuts

In his video, Sergio can be seen walking backwards while looking at his camera. Being so ~in the zone~, he didn’t realize how close he was to the edge of the pond until it was too late.

A fellow photographer tried to save him but alas, he fell.

Somehow Sergio managed to hold his camera, which I honestly find impressive.

All in all, it looks like no harm was done – the wedding photographer even managed to capture the bride’s face as it fell. A win/win if you ask me.

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Image: TikTok @venom_h/@Sergio_minnici_films