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These HBCU lovers got married after a short engagement

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Ten years after meeting on the campus of a historically black college, Whitney and Jhamarr tied the knot in an intimate springtime ceremony. The newlyweds shared memories before their big day.

Married: Whitney Forney, 30, Career Employment Center Supervisor at Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont

Young married man: Jhamarr Forney, 31, co-owner, Fly With Purpose Apparel

Date of marriage: May 14, 2021

Wedding room: Luxury event venue

Honeymoon destination: Last Vegas and Florida

How they met

Jhamarr and Whitney met in 2008 when they were students at Benedict College, a historically black college in South Carolina. Both were majors in business, so they had to meet, right?

“I was watching him from a distance,” said Whitney, laughing.

A mutual acquaintance asked Whitney if she wanted a presentation, but her shyness bothered him.

“She gave him my number. I was so excited and nervous at the same time, ”said Whitney.

Jhamarr started the conversation with a text, and that was fine for a while, but Whitney wanted to get to know him in person. She invited Jhamarr to a school gymnasium party – which they consider their first date.

“I knew Jhamarr was the one before we even officially met,” she said. “After we started talking more and spending time together, it was a confirmation to me that he was the one for me.”

Jhamarr also knew when Whitney was “the one”.

“It was easy for me,” he said, “it was when I first laid eyes on her.”

Break down to compensate

The couple dated for six years before deciding to take a hiatus in 2015. Their separation lasted four years. When they reconnected in 2019, Whitney described it as “seamless.” Jhamarr took her on a movie date and brought her her favorite dessert: strawberries coated in white chocolate. Sparks flew again. It wasn’t long before they talked about marriage.


Jhamarr chose the Bentley restaurant in SouthPark to ask the question last January.

Whitney suspected that something was going on when Jhamarr “acted a little weird” that morning, but didn’t believe she would end the night as a bride.

“When I walked to the back of the restaurant, I saw my family and my baby waiting for me. I turned around because it was so beautiful, ”she recalls of the night of January 16.

The wedding planning experience

The couple spent four short months planning their wedding. Initially, they favored the idea of ​​a court wedding and a two-week honeymoon. Instead, they worked with a wedding planner to transform an empty venue into a luxurious space for an intimate ceremony.

“We had decided it was something we wanted, and it didn’t take a year or two to plan it,” Whitney said. ” Everything went well. “

The big day

It was a relaxed start to their wedding day. Whitney, who chose not to host a wedding, invited her girlfriends to her bridal suite for brunch. The couple texted each other most of the day to check in.

Whitney and Jhamarr tied the knot in front of 40 of their closest friends and family. They also broadcast the ceremony on Facebook Live. Seeing loved ones who supported their trip, they said, was the most memorable moment of the day.

They danced to the O’Jays’ ballad, “Forever Mine”, as their first dance as husband and wife.

Advice to engaged couples

Thinking back on their journey to the altar, Whitney and Jhamarr said it was all about enjoying the process.

“Identify your five must-haves and only invite the people you really want,” Whitney said.

Their last piece of advice to engaged couples: “Pray for everything”.

The Black Salesmen of Whitney and Jhamarr

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