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These car inspired engagement or wedding rings are a must have for oil lovers

• Mini Cooper and Ford Fiesta are two of the inspired ring designs.

• Scrap Car Comparison and jeweler Edward Fleming have teamed up to get oil companies to offer a car-inspired ring.

• The service can also be used to create a wedding or engagement ring that looks like your partner’s favorite vehicle.

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What better way to propose to your partner than with an engagement ring that looks like their favorite car.

The “Petrolhead Proposals” service is a partnership between a British company Scrap comparison and long-time jeweler Edouard Fleming. Each client’s design is unique to the next and is inspired by the design of a chosen brand or model of car.

Examples include popular models like the Ford Fiesta, Mini Cooper, and Lamborghini Huracan, each with its own color and design. And, like the real thing, it also has optional extras which consist of personalized license plate engravings on the inner band of the ring.

Ford Fiesta Ring

Love story

Perhaps unknown is the fact that for years the materials from catalytic converters found in discarded car exhausts were recycled and used in the manufacture of traditional wedding and engagement rings.

Have you had a wedding or engagement ring designed for car enthusiasts? Please email us or use our comments section below.

Dan Gick, Managing Director of Scrap comparison, says: “Every day we meet customers who are disgusted with saying goodbye to their car and leaving the junkyard wishing they could take a piece of it with them.

“As modern scrapped car parts are already recycled and used in wedding rings and engagement rings, it made perfect sense for us to take this interesting aspect of scrapping a step further and give customers the ability to create the most romantic memory of their favorite engine. . “

Mini Cooper Ring

Mini Cooper Ring

“Pair romance with a ring reminiscent of the revving of your partner’s favorite engine” is the message these special rings aim to convey to couples who share a mutual love for cars.

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Unfortunately, the service is not available in South Africa, but if it had been, it would most certainly be a success.

This article first appeared on UK Scrap Metal Comparison.

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