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The groom is carried down the aisle in a coffin on his wedding day

While some newlywed couples tend to go big when performing their wedding celebrations, one groom has gone a bit too far.

In a TikTok video, one of their friend’s wedding guests recorded the unconventional way the groom decided to walk down the aisle on his special day.

The groom was filmed being carried down the aisle as he lay in a coffin.

The grim choice immediately went viral after being captured by one of the ceremony attendees, who was shocked by the over-the-top entrance.

“Is this a funeral?? No, that’s how my friend decided to walk down the aisle,” the wedding guest captioned the short clip.

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The footage shows a couple of bridesmaids and several groomsmen seen pulling a black coffin from the trunk of a car. Other guests standing by their chairs at the outdoor ceremony looked confused as they watched, while others filmed.

After the groomsmen and bridesmaids finally got the casket out of the car, they began carrying it down the aisle, much to the dismay of the wedding guests.

The bridesmaids were seen struggling to hold the casket upright, but were eventually able to make it to the end of the aisle where they swung the casket around and set it on the grass.

Once they lined up the casket, the wedding photographer began taking pictures as the lid was opened and the groom began to exit.

As the groom walks out wearing a white blazer and black tie, the ceremony officiant can be seen in the background, looking on in surprise.

“Tell me you’re dramatic without telling me you’re dramatic,” the wedding guest captioned the video.

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The groom has been criticized by other users for his entry.

“I would literally call off this wedding,” one user said, while another added that they would have divorced their husband if he pulled off such a stunt.

A second user chimed in, writing that they found the whole debacle “pretty cute”.

“I actually thought it was kind of cute, I interpret it as ‘I was dead before I met you’ or ‘My life didn’t really start until I met you.'”

Another user added, “Tell me your marriage is doomed without telling me it’s doomed!!”

Other users accused the groom of trying to upstage his bride and wondered if she had a say in his decision to arrive in a coffin.

“I need to see the bride,” a fourth user remarked, “because if she’s not 3x more dramatic than him, I don’t want it at all!”

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