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The bridesmaid blown away by the last minute “horrible” request of the wedding day: “This is ridiculous”

A bridesmaid couldn’t believe the way her aunt treated her at a wedding ceremony.

She asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A ******” forum. The bridesmaid wears glasses and cannot see without them. Although the bride had no issues with the bridesmaid’s glasses, the mother of the bride (the aunt of the Reddit poster) did. The aunt insisted that the glasses ruined the wedding.

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“My little cousin Amy asked me to be a bridesmaid,” she wrote. “I have poor eyesight and wear glasses. I only take them off to shower and sleep. Before the wedding, Amy told me that another bridesmaid was going to get contacts specifically for this, implying that I should too. I reminded Amy that I don’t wear contact lenses, but since I have multiple pairs of frames, she can choose which set I wear. Fast forward to the wedding day. As we get ready, Amy’s mom (aunt) asks me if I need access to the mirror so I can put my contacts on. I’m like ‘No, I don’t wear contact lenses.’ [Then] she does [a] disgusted face. We’re all lined up and Amy’s mom starts to take care of my glasses again. She asks me if I can take them off for the ceremony, which is a huge no. I can’t see ANYTHING without my glasses.

No matter how much the Reddit poster pleaded, Amy’s mom tried to get her to take her glasses off.

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“Now it’s time to take some pictures, and again Amy’s mom is coming for my medically necessary accessibility aids,” she explained. “She tells me I’m spoiling the photos and taking off my glasses.” Finally, I say I don’t want to be photographed without my glasses, and that’s final. If I spoil the photos so much, they can go on without me. I take my bouquet and leave. Later, at the reception, I keep my distance from Amy and her mom. Before it’s over, however, I take Amy aside to speak. She apologizes for her mother. I apologize for losing my temper. [The wedding was on] Saturday. [Now] amy’s mom [is] here slandering me to the world. The photos were posted on Facebook, and when my grandma asked why I wasn’t in half the shots… yeah. My parents are on my side, but others say I was stubborn for no reason and taking my glasses off wouldn’t kill me.

People thought Amy’s mother was dead wrong here.

“As a colleague wearing glasses, I know how horrible it is to take them off and not see anything,” one user wrote.

“This is ridiculous, a completely unreasonable request,” said another.

“Your aunt is crossing the line,” someone commented.

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