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The Bride’s DIY Wedding Welcome Bag is an Affordable Hit: “They Look Amazing”

A bride made the cutest wedding welcome bags for her guests using supplies from Etsy, local vendors and department stores.

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Weddings can be expensive. When you need to host dozens of people, things add up. So there’s nothing wrong with including DIY elements to save some money here and there. When TikToker Jordan Britt Lovato got married, she found an easy way to give thoughtful gift bags to some of her guests.

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“Welcome bags we made for our guests checking into the hotel,” she wrote in the caption.

She got little black and white reusable tote bags that said “Welcome” from Etsy.

“Then I had these lovely maps of Philadelphia made, also on Etsy. And these event schedules,” Lovato explained.

The schedule and map were attached to the handle of the tote bag and included beautiful illustrations and typography. Lovato filled each goodie bag with necessities like Cheez-Its, eye masks, mints, Advil, Shout wipes, makeup removers and gum.

She also included custom cookies with the last name Lovato and Philadelphia designs by cookie artist @flittycraftcookies.

“So cute. I love Philly maps and cookies!” someone commented.

“If you need extra guests, I live down the street,” another joked.

“Good idea! They look amazing!” one person wrote.

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