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The bride continues her marriage on her own after the groom fails to show up; goes viral, gains fans

The bride continues her marriage despite the fact that the groom does not show up. )Credit: SWNS)

A 27-year-old woman has gone viral and won fans around the world for celebrating her wedding alone after the groom failed to show up on the day.

Kayley Stead was wearing her best dress when she discovered her fiancé had stood her up the morning of the wedding.

In other words, he wasn’t going to marry her.

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But despite the heartbreak, the 27-year-old made sure all of her guests had a great time even without an official wedding ceremony.

Instead of leaving the venue, Kayley decided to entertain everyone in attendance by continuing the big day at the Oxwich Bay Hotel in Wales.

She showed off her wedding dress upon entering, gave her speech and even danced with guests before posing for photos with a professional photographer. She entered the ceremony grounds to the sound of Lizzo’s “Good as Hell.”

Following the canceled wedding, Kayley’s friends set up a GoFundMe page that may eventually help her pay off all wedding expenses.

Speaking to the media about the experience, the 27-year-old said she was still baffled by the groom’s last-minute withdrawal.

She said she decided to go ahead with the party after seeing her distraught daughters.

“It was an absolute shock, I had no indication he was going to do this, but seeing my daughters so upset made me want to change the situation,” Kayley said.

The news that the groom had pulled out of the wedding was broken to Kayley’s best friend by a groomsman.

“One of the groomsmen contacted my best friend to tell him the groom was gone, and the wedding party hid my phone so they could decide what was the best way to tell me and I wouldn’t know. not from anyone else,” she said.