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‘That’s really cool!’

TikToker Jackson Wise (@jackson_wise) has shared a really unique and eco-friendly idea for serving drinks at a wedding: buy your champagne flutes from thrift stores so each guest has their own unique glass.

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Wise is a TikToker and insurance advisor who shares a mix of comedic content and business advice. Wise recently helped a family member plan their wedding and shared the adorably unique idea he had for serving drinks at the event. In a viral video, the TikToker showed how he purchased over 200 different champagne flutes from thrift stores so that each guest could have their own unique champagne flute.

The video begins with a shot of a long table covered with champagne flutes. Some champagne flutes are wide and short, others are tall. Some are engraved with designs, while others are simple. The one thing champagne flutes have in common is that they are all clear glass.

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“Wedding idea,” Wise wrote in the caption. “We saved over 200 different champagne flutes and it turned out like…”

The camera pans down to show more champagne flutes covering the table. In the background, wedding guests can be seen mingling. They are chatting and smiling, clearly having fun.

The video then cuts to a montage of photographs showing the wedding guests holding their unique champagne flutes. In the first photo, a man in a white suit wearing a flowered bodice holds a large flute full of champagne. In the next photo, another man is holding a slightly larger glass. Then the video shows a woman holding a flute with a flared top, followed by a man holding a wide-based glass.

Photos scroll by quickly, showing guest after guest holding their champagne glasses. Each one is different from the previous one! Finally, the video ends with a photo of the bride and groom smiling at the camera. The bride holds a large champagne glass adorned with a gold rim, while the groom holds a tall, thin champagne flute.

“Everyone has to do this!”

Viewers applauded the unique wedding idea.

“Unique, eco-friendly, no confusion. Everybody gotta do this!” one viewer wrote.

“It’s really too cool!” another TikToker commented.

“We did this! Such a unique and fun party favor that people are still using years later! commented another TikToker.

Wise’s wedding hack is simple, durable and affordable, definitely worth toasting!

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