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Smoky Mountain Wedding Association Offers Supplier Verification For Brides

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – It’s the most important day in the lives of many women: their wedding day. However, the dream day can turn into a nightmare for many when a salesperson doesn’t pass by.

Wedding DJ and Smoky Mountain Wedding Association Administrative Assistant Ellen Crivellone has seen it all. She even threw weddings where Gatlinburg’s catering company, the Happy Pinecone Cafe, broke promises.

“It was a situation where she was telling the bride that she would come and that she was on her way and she told the wedding planner, and we had someone show up and they only had hot soup and lettuce and said the chef was coming and ended up not coming, ”said Crivellone.

Dozens of brides across the country say they have had similar experiences with this business, which is why Ellen wanted to draw more attention to the wedding association. She wants brides to know another resource to control the vendors working on their weddings. She knows that such situations are not exclusive to catering companies.

“My husband and I are both DJs and we run our DJ company, and we’ve had at least… 7 calls this year from DJs that just cancel the day before, day or even the week of the wedding with the bride.” , said Crivelone.

After the fallout from the sudden closure of the Happy Pinecone Cafe, Ellen wanted to help brides avoid such experiences and show that this company doesn’t represent all businesses in Gatlinburg. She knows she can’t undo the damage that has been done, but she can spread the word about SMWA.

“The wedding association is a non-profit business,” Crivelone said. “We promote weddings and events in our area. And it’s just trying to raise awareness that there is an association here that is there to support local brides, as well as destination brides. “

Each company in the group is a local wedding supplier. Everyone must pay an annual membership and meet specific criteria to be admitted.

“We know by working together who helps brides the way they should and who doesn’t,” Crivellone said.

Ellen is hoping this can be another tool brides can use to triple-check their suppliers before the big day and hopefully avoid more chaos. The Happy Pinecone Café was not a member of SMWA. They were also not registered with the Better Business Bureau.

“Reach out to the chamber of commerce if there is nothing else from the area you are getting married in,” Crivellone said. “If you’re getting married locally, check out the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce, Gatlinburg Chamber of Commerce, and Pigeon Forge Chamber of Commerce. They know all the weddings in the region, they also know the Smoky Mountain Wedding association.

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