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Simon Cowell ‘will marry Lauren Silverman in a lavish ceremony in London next month’

Simon Cowell is said to want to ‘get Lauren up the aisle as fast as he can’ and with their son Eric ‘front and center’ of the wedding

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Simon Cowell is set to wed fiancée Lauren Silverman in a lavish ceremony next month, it has been reported.

The media mogul, 62, proposed to Lauren just five months ago but is said to be ‘no need to delay’ the wedding.

Lauren, 44, and Simon welcomed a son together eight years ago and would like to make sure he is at the center of the ceremony.

An insider told The Sun: “He took charge of the planning and the date was set for June.

“The ceremony is going to take place in London, with their son Eric front and center, of course.”

They added that the couple were looking forward to celebrating the day with family and friends and that Simon “wants to get Lauren up the aisle as fast as possible.”

Simon Cowell is set to wed his fiancée Lauren Silverman in a lavish ceremony next month

It comes after Simon opened up about his decision to settle down last month, explaining the lockdown had brought him closer to Lauren.

He also opened up about how his consideration for his son’s future influenced his decision – and how the utter horror at the mere prospect of dating someone in the future convinced him to get on his knees.

He told The Sun: “We had been in the same house for over a year and I was like, ‘Well, we actually get on really, really well’.

“And for Eric, as he gets older, he will be asked more and more questions about his parents, and I thought that was the right thing to do for him.

The couple are parents to eight-year-old son Eric



“I also couldn’t see myself dating anyone again. The idea of ​​going out on a first date now is too weird.

“My mum and dad had an amazing marriage and I used to call them best friends, and I think that’s a big part of that.

Simon went on to explain that he takes a very hands-on approach to the wedding and does all the planning himself to avoid over-celebration.

He said he didn’t want to have “600 people” on the guest list like he did on his 50th birthday 12 years ago – and he also banned working with a wedding planner.

And he even claims the wedding plans are so secret that even Lauren doesn’t know when or where it’s going to take place.

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