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“She has them under her spell”

A toddler’s magical effect on his uncle’s groomsmen rocks all of TikTok.

TikToker @fitzfamily gained over 1.4 million views and 500 comments when they uploaded the video to their account.

Now, just like the toddler who stole his UPS driver’s heart when he surprised him with a special Amazon package, this little girl’s heartwarming video is going viral!

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In the video, filmed at “The Beach House” in Newport, RI, we see the groom and his six groomsmen all gathered around a banquet table.

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Sitting at the end of the table, the flower girl, also the groom’s niece, enjoys her reading of The wobbly donkey.

Barely 30 minutes after this adorable moment was filmed, the groom took his vows and became a married man.

But in this special moment, it’s clear that her flower girl had totally stolen her heart – and also all of her groomsmen’s hearts!

“I love how invested they are in what’s going on in the book! A TikTok user laughed.

“She’s definitely the main character,” another user smirked.

“He’s gonna be the best of dads someday!” So cute, ”one user commented.

“Oh my God, cuteness overload,” another user passed out.

When it comes to a couple’s big day, the only special woman allowed to compete with the bride is an adorable little flower girl like this!

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