Wedding Service

Shades of pink and green defined this wedding under the banyan trees at Gasparilla Inn

Interior designer Tori Berner and real estate developer Vince Korth were introduced by a mutual friend when they both attended a dinner party in Santa Monica in 2014. After a five-year relationship, the furniture site founder Berner & Co. woke up on a random Saturday morning in November to a homemade omelet, oatmeal, his favorite pastries from Gjusta and Vince offering.

Shortly after the big surprise, the couple began planning their spring wedding in Boca Grande, Florida, timing it for May 2021. “Luckily most of our guests were vaccinated by then,” says Tori. “We kind of weathered the storm and hoped for the best…and made sure to include a force majeure clause in every contract.”

The two had 18 months to plan, which gave them plenty of time to get creative and iron out every detail. “I handled most of the creative and design aspects and seeing it all come to life was amazing,” says Tori. “My planner, Camille Williams, and her talented team executed everything brilliantly. I also think working in the world of interior design really served me through the process, as I was able to pivot quickly when something was inevitably going to go wrong. There’s something even more creative about finding the next best solution. For example, the De Gournay wallpaper was out of the question, but it served as my inspiration when I tracked down a small salesman who ended up creating an exquisite mural.

Inspired by Pippa Middleton’s Roland Mouret high-neck lace dress, Tori scoured a set of Los Angeles ateliers for something similar. “I particularly liked the cuff and the material, but couldn’t find anything similar,” she recalls. “So I went the personalized route with Monique Lhuillier.” The team took fabric from one of Monique Lhuillier’s designs and applied it to a silhouette that was already part of her collection and added the cap sleeve jacket.

“I was also determined to have a big drama train,” Tori says. “It definitely wasn’t the easiest dress for an outdoor ceremony – I’m pretty sure my train picked up about 30 leaves on the way to the altar – but I didn’t care!” The jacket came off after the ceremony and the train was very busy, so it was almost as if she had to wear two completely different dresses. Irene Neuwirth’s tanzanite and diamond earrings served her as something blue.

Vince wore a custom navy tuxedo designed by P. Johnson with a Brunello Cucinelli bow tie and matching velvet Crockett and Jones slippers, while the bride’s sisters Lulu and Clare wore Markarian and Zimmermann respectively.

It was 80 degrees and wet when Tori had to walk down the driveway, but the banyan trees provided shade and a nice breeze was blowing in from the gulf. “Our Bishop Connolly from Pasadena flew out to do the service and delivered the most moving homily,” Tori said. “People then asked me if I thought he would be ready to marry them too!”

Then everyone walked down Park Avenue to the Gasparilla Inn for cocktail hour. Drinks and then dinner were held in Sperry tents on the golf course. “Now that it’s all over, I’m thrilled with how it all went,” says Tori. “For most of our guests, this was the first large-scale social gathering since the start of COVID, so people were really excited. Looking back, it was very clear that everyone wanted to socialize, dance and party. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a rendition of “Shout” where the guests were literally laying on top of each other on the dance floor during “A Little Bit Softer Now.” I also surprised my new husband with a three-song medley that got everyone on their feet. He was in shock! It was a big celebration of love… the energy was electric all night long.