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Seven Emmerdale spoilers as Leyla risks her life on a gruesome drug regimen

FINANCES are Leyla Cavanagh’s main concern this week as Take A Vow’s business struggles.

Desperate for money, the Emmerdale wedding planner finds himself embroiled in a dangerous plan with the dealer Callum. Get the truth.


Leyla Cavanagh is in desperate need of cash this week1 credit
But that leads him to accept a deal with Callum


But that leads him to accept a deal with Callum1 credit
And she soon has more problems than expected


And she soon has more problems than expected1 credit
Soon Suzy Merton is also in trouble


Soon Suzy Merton is also in trouble1 credit

1. Leyla makes a horrible decision

Despite being caught in the act by David Metcalfe with cocaine, Leyla Cavanagh fails to step back from the drug trade.

The wedding planner played by Roxy Shahidi makes a shady deal this week as her drug dealer, Callum, returns to the eponymous village.

This is mainly due to his increasing financial burden, especially after being fired by Kim Tate.

Leyla is initially alarmed when Callum (Tom Ashley) shows up at Take A Vow asking her to stockpile drugs in exchange for money.

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Determined to straighten out her finances, Leyla accepts his offer, despite knowing she’s crossing a line in doing so.

The next day, Callum returns but with a much larger bag of drugs than she agreed to store.

But Callum knows how to reach her and offers to pay her extra, leaving her out of options.

Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) is surprised when she spots Callum outside Take A Vow and asks if Leyla is still scoring.

Little do they know Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) is watching from afar, convinced he’s witnessed drug dealing between Suzy and Callum.

And things spiral out of control as he plans to make Suzy pay for her involvement in Holly’s death.

Matty Barton comes up with a plan to get revenge on Suzy Merton


Matty Barton comes up with a plan to get revenge on Suzy Merton1 credit

2. Matty takes revenge

In later scenes, Matty searches for Take A Vow – and is shocked to find a large drug tote.

Matty panics, grabs the bag and gets out before planting the bag full of drugs in Suzy’s car.

However, when he attends Rhona Goskirk’s bachelorette party, Matty is eager to see Suzy make the trip after rekindling his relationship with Vanessa Woodfield.

The latter even made her promise that she had stopped taking drugs and warned her – another mishap and it’s over.

Furious, Matty berates Suzy and tells her she is not welcome in the Dales.

Suzy doesn’t want to cause any more trouble than she already has and drives off – while Matty calls the police to report the drugs she has in her car.

Matty thinks Suzy has to get help and her relationship with Vanessa is doomed to be sabotaged.

Meanwhile, Leyla is upset when she realizes the medicine is running out.

When he discovers something is missing, Callum warns Leyla that he won’t be responsible for his actions if she doesn’t find the missing medicine by the end of the day.

Leyla Cavanagh makes another shock decision this week


Leyla Cavanagh makes another shock decision this week1 credit

3. Priya gets fired

Leyla already has enough on her mind as her financial troubles are high on her list of priorities, especially after Kim Tate fires her as wedding planner.

This week, however, someone else is paying the price for her poor budgeting – Fiona Wade’s Priya Sharma.

While she’s taken a step back from most of the drama in the eponymous village, Priya struggled earlier in 2022 after being badly burned in October 2021.

The incident caused her to relapse into her eating disorder, but she managed to pull through.

Unfortunately, Priya is stunned when Leyla decides to fire her from Take A Vow this week.

How will she cope?

Faith Dingle is living her life to the fullest - but she's soon caught up in another one of her own antics


Faith Dingle is living her life to the fullest – but she’s soon caught up in another one of her own antics1 credit

4. Faith steals her ex

Meanwhile, Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) intends to live her life to the fullest and without any chemotherapy while she still can.

This leads her to potentially put herself on the wrong side of the law this week, as she goes to great lengths to steal from one of her former partners.

Ahead, Chas (portrayed by Lucy Pargeter) is suspicious when she sees her all-glamorous mother leaving with Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter).

Faith remains silent on her intentions when Nate wonders what they are doing.

But she eventually reveals the truth and explains her intention to retrieve something of hers from her stepdaughter’s house…as they chat outside an unnamed house.

Nate is uncomfortable but feels even more uncomfortable when Faith makes her way inside Angus’s house, despite his suspicions.

But it doesn’t take long for him to figure out who Faith really is and he demands that she leave.

Faith takes it in stride and vows to come back for what’s hers while Nate is enraged by his enigmatic grandmother.

The next day, Nate openly refuses to help Faith implement her plan to return to Angus.

Once again, Faith doesn’t let that get in her way and drives off in her car.

Angus is amazed when a disguised Faith shows up at his house and pretends to be a photographer for a real estate agent.

He lets her in, unable to recognize her.

Soon, Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Nate join her and can’t believe their eyes when they see Faith coming out of Angus with a stolen bag.

But the problem is solved when Angus recognizes Nate from the day before and understands that the thief must be Faith.

All is well for Faith when she thinks back to a good day at work as Chas, Nate and Cain are overjoyed at the keepsake box she stole.

Cain and Chas reminisce about their childhood as they rummage through Faith’s box and the group breaks down laughing.

But could Faith be in serious trouble?


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Dawn Taylor finds out who Clemmie's father is this week and it could be shocking


Dawn Taylor finds out who Clemmie’s father is this week and it could be shocking1 credit

5. Dawn makes a shocking discovery about Clemmie

Heartbroken after losing Clemmie to PC Harriet Finch calling social services, Dawn Taylor’s jaw drops when she finds out who the girl’s biological father is.

It all starts when the character played by Olivia Bromley becomes a source of concern for her father Will (Dean Andrews).

Before long, he suggests that she call social services to check on the youngster and Dawn is determined to take his advice.

In later scenes, Dawn overhears her husband Billy Fletcher when she tells him she knows who Clemmie’s biological father is – her former partner Alex (Liam Boyle).

This means that Alex, who also happens to be the father of her son Lucas, was with Beth while he was involved with her.

Dawn is furious at the betrayal but, the next day, she makes peace with Alex’s infidelity, knowing that Clemmie and Lucas should be together.

A tearful Dawn is then shocked when Billy tells her that he called social services, saying they would like Clemmie’s custody.

This comes as a surprise to Dawn as Billy was the first to suggest that Clemmie should be placed in social services and she is grateful for his change of heart.

However, Dawn’s hopes are dashed when social services make it clear that they will need Alex’s consent to gain custody of Clemmie.

But Billy insists they should at least try to convince Alex to let them get custody of the girl and Dawn knows he’s right.

The couple meet Alex in jail the next day and he is surprised when he finds out they know all about Clemmie.

Alex at first flatly refuses to let Dawn and Billy take in Clemmie, which leads to the latter castigating him for his decision.

He then changes his mind and Dawn is relieved.

But while he displays a smug smile, can we really trust him?

Lydia Dingle was asked to plan Kim Tate's wedding


Lydia Dingle was asked to plan Kim Tate’s wedding1 credit

6. Lydia crumbles under the pressure

Kim Tate (portrayed by Claire King) recently fired Leyla Cavanagh as her wedding planner, as mentioned above.

This led her to rely on Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) to take over.

But wedding planning is clearly not one of her greatest talents, and Lydia soon spreads too much.

Coming up, the pressure gets too much for her and Will has no choice but to turn to the professionals.

Could Leyla get the job back?

Mary Goskirk thinks she found love in the Dales


Mary Goskirk thinks she found love in the Dales1 credit

7. Mary has a bad idea

Elsewhere in the village, Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) thinks she has found romance – in the form of Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick).

Mary recently came out as a lesbian to her daughter Rhona who was struggling to come to terms with her sexuality.

This week, Mary is speaking out about her sexual orientation to someone who can understand what she’s been through, Vanessa.

But the vet’s kindness is mistaken for something else as Mary leans in to kiss him.

How will Vanessa react, especially because of her commitment to Suzy?

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More importantly, how will Rhona react when Mary tries to kiss her best friend?

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