Sales of mortgage loans

Within the first quarter of 2019, mortgage loans totaling PLN thirteen. 5 billion were offered. This result is less strong than the previous quarter, yet only by 0. twenty two percent. Compared to the year-to-year product sales of mortgage loans was higher – by 5. twenty-seven percent. It is likely that in 2019 mortgage loans will be granted within the amount of approximately PLN fifty five billion and thus break the end result from last year.

Considering the quantitative instead of the quantitative approach, the situation is different. The amount of concluded contracts falls each quarter. In the first one fourth of 2019, 50, six hundred were signed, while the one fourth before 51, 703, along with a year earlier as many as fifty five, 156, i. e. simply by 2 . 13 and 6. 26 percent respectively.

The average mortgage value is usually PLN 269 thousand

There were no major modifications in our structure of foreign currency home mortgages. Under Polish law, you are able to only take such a mortgage in the currency in which a person earn the most. 98. forty-nine percent contracts in terms of quantities were concluded in PLN.

The average associated with the mortgage in the 1st quarter of 2019 had been PLN 269. 1 thousands of. zł. It was by one 95 percent. more than in the earlier quarter and by as much as fifteen. 22 percent more than within the same quarter of the earlier year. Such a difference comes from, among others, rising real estate costs, but also from a better finances of Poles. In 2018, 37 percent loans had been drawn for amounts through 100 to 200 thousand. zł. At the beginning of 2019, this worth fell to 29 %. and soon it will be overtaken by a higher range : loans for the amount through 200 to 300 thousands of. PLN, whose current talk about among all housing financial loans is 28. 68 %.

Own contribution gets smaller – a new development?

In terms of the share associated with own contribution, the credit score structure has not changed considerably. Over 45% housing financial loans granted in the first one fourth of 2019 were given from 80% LTV, i actually. e. the amount of financing with regards to the value of the property. The discuss of loans with LTV from 50 to eighty percent. in this quarter has been 33. 11 percent plus was much smaller than in 2018, when the number of loans along with LTV above 80 %. and those with LTV in between 50 and 80 %. she was almost identical. It is too early to say regardless of whether this is a new trend available.

Also the particular structure of loans organized according to the period for which they may be contracted did not change a lot. Most often, loans for casing are taken for twenty five to 35 years. Their own number in percentage conditions was 61. 4 %. and increased by one 64 percentage points when compared to previous quarter. In year-on-year terms, there was an increase within the number of loans with a pay back period of 15 to quarter of a century. It amounted to several. 48 percentage points.

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