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Prince William chose not to wear the special symbol of marriage to Kate | royal | New

Prince William and Kate Middleton married in April 2011. At the time of their wedding, Buckingham Palace confirmed that “in accordance with the wishes of the couple”, only Kate would receive a wedding ring during the service. Speaking in a recent video on his YouTube channel, royal expert Neil Sean confirmed the real reason the Duke of Cambridge doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

He also adds that William thinks it is “very distracting”.

The royal expert also added that royals are often seen shaking hands with different people on their outings and although ‘lots of people are being tested’ someone ‘could be quick enough to get the ring “.

That’s why a lot of jewelry worn by royals or high-profile celebrities is “pasted on” and “good copies of the original.”

A Palace insider had previously told the Mirror, at the time of the wedding: “He is [William] not one for jewelry.

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“He never wore one.”

They added: “He decided he doesn’t want to wear it now. It’s all down to personal preference.”

Her grandfather, Prince Philip, also did not wear a wedding ring.


Prince Charles chose to wear one but wears it in a less traditional way.

Charles, who married Camilla in 2005, wears his under his signet ring on his little finger.

Prince William is currently second in line to the throne, behind his father who is next in line.


Prince Charles chose to wear one but wears it in a less traditional way.