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Presentation of free rental dresses at BYUH ohana

A model wearing a wedding dress at the bridal fashion show.

Photo by Ulziibayar Badamdorj

BYU-Hawaii students brought 21 wedding dresses to life in a bridal fashion show to raise awareness of the wedding dress rental service available to all college students looking for a dress, which doesn’t cost one cent. The school offers over 50 dresses, sizes 0 to 28, for brides to choose from.

The show was hosted by Thalia Komaisavai, a hospitality and tourism management student from Arizona, on June 5, 2021. To reserve a dress, she said students can contact the Relief Society president. YSA stake to set a time to try on dresses and I hope to pick their perfect dress. The service is located in the BYUH Stake Center.

Komaisavai said, “I always wanted to be a wedding planner. So, I wanted to do something related to the wedding industry for my internship this semester. I thought a bridal fashion show would be fun, and I knew the school was offering the wedding dresses for free, so I thought it would be a great way to get the word out.


The dresses featured had intricate details, like embellished bodices, lace details, and casual beading details. The models said that each dress is unique and that any bride will feel special and beautiful.

The show’s models represented countries around the world, including Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Mongolia. The models also wore different dress sizes, letting brides know that they too can find a dress to suit them.

Three women walking on the runway wearing white wedding dresses.

Photo by Ulziibayar Badamdorj

As they strutted down the track, everyone was smiling from ear to ear. The models held the trains of their dresses, wiggling them as they walked along the stage. The dresses came to life as they took center stage and were posed for photographers in the audience.

A model, Ashley Howell, a senior Californian who studies biomedical sciences, said participating in the show made her feel positive, beautiful and energized.

“I love being on stage,” she said. “I like the energy of a performance or just having everyone’s eyes on me. I really like the whole aura and everyone I walked with was so nice. I would say we had a lot of fun.

Howell said the key to finding a dream dress is finding the one that makes someone feel the most beautiful. She advised, “Don’t listen to anyone else and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It will be your day, and you will be the one looking at the photos and memories. If you feel good, it doesn’t matter what other people think.

Audience member Adriannah Metta, a senior from Papua New Guinea who studies anthropology, said the show allowed her to see all body types wearing such beautiful dresses.

She said, “I’m happy to see so many beautiful girls wearing these beautiful dresses. I felt it was empowering to see women comfortable and confident in themselves, regardless of their size.

Metta also said this service is ideal for brides looking for a last minute gown. She observed, “Usually when girls are about to get married and in a rush, they don’t have a lot of dresses to choose from. This program is so great because they are so willing to help the girls at the last minute.

A woman in a long white wedding dress with short sleeves, standing with her hand on her hip on a runway.

Photo by Ulziibayar Badamdorj

Another model, Ester Sasa, a sophomore from Papua New Guinea who studies HTM, said she too feels empowered by the show, saying the experience of showing who she is gave her confidence. in her.

She commented: “For me personally, showing off in front of people and getting dressed is not common at home. Coming to BYUH and experiencing this opportunity to be in this fashion show allowed me to love myself and the body that I am in.

Megan Gamil Such, a senior from the Philippines who studies HTM, said being on the show taught her that brides don’t need to spend a lot of money to make their wedding special.

Thinking back to her own wedding, she explained, “My dress was very simple, but I just felt pretty because I was getting married in the temple. My advice would be not to spend too much money when you get married. Be smart and just have fun on your special day.

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