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Practical tips for taking better lifestyle photos

What is a good lifestyle photo? Lifestyle photography has a special charm for its viewers. Effective photographs allow viewers to relate and gain insight into what the subjects represent. However, there are some challenges that make the process a bit more difficult.

In this video from Filipino wedding and lifestyle photographer Jaja Samaniego, she offers a handful of practical tips for getting a more organic and authentic feel in your lifestyle photos. These tips are applicable to a wide variety of shooting scenarios and do not require any additional equipment.

In the video, Samaniego talks about some quick but important lighting tips that give your lifestyle images an authentic touch. Also included is the use of visuals readily available on location and practical advice for posing your subjects. She reiterates that most of the time your subjects are not professional models and the photographer should bring out their personal side while emphasizing them in front of the camera. She also offers very valuable composition and visual design advice that maintains an authentic perspective.

The video was shot on site in a small roaster, photographing the team in their daily surroundings. If you are a coffee lover or enjoy watching coffee brewing, this video might be for you.

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