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Plan a wedding on the cheap with help from these online resources

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According to The Knotthe average wedding in 2021 cost $34,000, a high price for a party that lasts four hours. If you’re like me (i.e. you too don’t have $34,000 to spend on a wedding), you probably think there must be a better, cheaper way to celebrate your nuptials alongside your friends and family.

And of course there are. There’s a big one online support network there for people who avoid the influences of the matrimonial industrial complex. These people still want to throw a party, but recognize there’s a big gap between a courthouse weddingding and a lavish ballroom affairand they are eager to share their tips for getting there on a much smaller budget. Here is five online essentials resources to help you plan the best day of your life without making it the saddest day for your wallet.

r/marriageless than 10k

r/marriageless than 10k is an online community of over 93,000 writers who share tips and tricks to keep the cost of your special day to less than five figures. Like any reddit community, many its members are people who have crossed the walarm and come out the other side with hard earned advice to offer. Sbrowse thousands of archived threads filled with tips for saving money for food, dresses, photography, etc., then ask your own questions if you need more specific advice.

Budget-wise bride

Founded by Jessica Bishop in 2008, Budget-wise bride is a dedicated resource to help couple plan a budget wedding. It’s filled with money saving tips, simple DIY projects and practical wedding planning tips that will help you reduce wedding expenses, from the obvious (cutting the guest list), to the weird (obtain married on a Wednesday). There is also an accompanying book, The budget wedding planner and organizer.

Cheap Wedding Pinterest

Like Reddit, if there’s a topic you’re interested in, pinterest is filled with thousands related ideas to explore. It’s a great resource for inexpensive wedding inspiration, whether you’re exploring make your own invitations or buy and revitalize a second hand wedding dress.

cheap wedding tips

cheap wedding tips is an Instagram account dedicated to exactly that. The account frequently hosts online Q&As via its Instagram stories and has archived information on topics such as affordable guestbooks, cheap and stylish cakes. toppers, and everything else. There are also DIY tutorials that will cover a number of different parts of preparing for your wedding..

happy wedding

happy wedding is an iPhone application that attempts to replace the services of a wedding planner. (If it works for you, it will save a lot of money in your pocket; according to The Knotthe average cost for a wedding planner in 2021 was $1,700.) Wedding Happy helps you stay on track by giving you a schedule to follow and helping you stay on schedule with deadlines and reminders, communicated to you via checklists, charts and an inducement.countdown.