Wedding Photographer

Photography Walk and Talk (Outdoor course)

This class is partnering with Trust for Public Land and The Chattery to celebrate the opening of the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway.

What makes a good photo? is it the best camera, the light or a fast lens? While it helps, in this beginning of photography we will focus on composition, or “What’s in your shot”. Why did you take that shot? What story are you trying to tell? Is there more than one way to pull this?

Join us and come learn the basic techniques of creating (or composing) a great photo on a “photo hunt” of everyday objects found in and around the local park. Don’t have a state-of-the-art camera? Carefree. If you have a smartphone, bring it! Whether it’s a camera or an iPhone, come have fun. Photography is constantly changing, but a great photo never changes.

The class is by gift. All proceeds from event registrations will go to the South Chattanooga Community Association, a community partner of Trust For Public Land.

About the teacher:

Joshua Allen is founder and owner of Jam Sessions Productions LLC, “A Conduit of Multimedia storytelling”. As a full-time photographer and videographer, Joshua produces stunning and vibrant professional portraits, events and real estate photography, as well as wedding and music videos. An accomplished musician on saxophone and piano as well as a licensed public school teacher, Joshua uses his creative mind and training as an educator as an opportunity to capture and tell the unique story of each of his clients through photography. or movies. When not working on a project, Joshua plays saxophone in and around Chattanooga, or spends time with his wife and 3 children.