Photographer Arbaz Khan makes it big with his commendable skills

The artists who make up today’s thriving photography community are the eyes of the world. It takes precision and a keen eye to manipulate the camera and find a subject worthy enough to make a difference. Arbaz Khan is one of those photographers who has mastered the art and is now on the verge of delivering some shots that might get them staring wide-eyed.

Fascinated by photography from a young age, Arbaz decided to keep a firm hand on the profession. A successful photographer in the corporate world and in the Indian film industry, Arbaz has won numerous awards. He has participated in numerous photography competitions and won various accolades. He performed in a street theater play and won an award from Metamorphosis 2009, Mumbai. He is also awarded as a winner at Epson Vision the tech carnival, Mumbai India.

He finished his studies in photography and decided to give himself a chance in the film industry as a photographer. He first started working as a freelance writer, then worked for renowned photographers before entering the industry. After entering the film industry, he started his first project with the Romeo premier film shortcut. He finished filming the cover page of an Indian English novel, corporate badminton event at the NCPA. Besides Bollywood projects, he also did sports photography – Badminton League, Football League. He has traveled the world carrying out many successful projects including a modeling portfolio, beauty sessions in Mumbai, India, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

He also has a knack for marriage and weddings, advertising, commercial, landscape, environment, portraiture, lifestyle, black and white, interiors, architecture, photography, filming. video.

With his expertise around the camera, Arbaz is also a black belt in karate and has completed his Indian Diamond Martial Arts Association of India course which includes fitness exercises, kata, running, trekking, swimming, horseback riding, group fights and weapons. katas. In addition, he completed his swimming course from the Navi Mumbai Sports Association.

Arbaz Khan also has a solid academic background and he belongs to a family of researchers. Khan himself completed his 12th grade in science, then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass media with a first class. Her father was an MBBS doctor, her mother graduated from Wilson College in Mumbai, and her sister is a scientist in the United States.

Arbaz Khan has been dating Twinkle Pawar, a famous fashion designer, since 2011 and he will soon be married to his loving wife. Working on numerous projects, the most anticipated includes a photoshoot of a few celebrities, India Children’s Fashion Week and the shooting of clothes for the Twinkle Pawar label. He certainly plans to master whatever he gets his hands on and we can assure that it will be before his time that he does so effectively.

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