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Nibbelink: Blessings Abound at Friends Wedding | Opinion


Macy and Devin’s wedding will be remembered not only for the beautiful bride and groom and for the beautiful location at Key Largo on Shetek Lake, Slayton, MN, but also for the massive outpouring of… rain!

I started checking the weather forecast a week before. There was a slight chance of rain but, as Friday rolled around, the risk increased until thunderstorms were imminent on Saturday.

Early on the day of the wedding Kevin and I went sightseeing. We came across the Shetek Lake Outlet Dam where the Des Moines River begins. Everything was calm, though dry. Large boulders could be seen a few inches under the water covered in moss. Above the dam, the measurements appeared to be about 4 feet of water. Water beetles swarmed in their bags with something invisible below them, randomly picking up a handful at a time. A long-legged bird stood on one leg in the distance, dipping its head underwater and pulling out fish.

Back to marriage. Everything went according to plan with the wind picking up as the couple said their vows in front of the trellis. It was a beautiful beachside wedding and included the wedding party with the couple’s two dogs in bridal outfits and an adult flower “boy”.

Once the service was over, participants had to go next door for appetizers. The watering started before everyone else got it. Just as everyone was walking up next door, the downpour started.

Storm-excited people stood in the tent to watch as tornado warnings and sirens could be heard in the distance. Tornado warnings have also gone off sporadically on people’s phones. It was both scary and exciting. The tornado warnings were also associated with straight winds.

After the appetizers, attendees were to proceed to the Key Largo reception hall to welcome the wedding upon arrival. Ushers in flip flops led the groups under large umbrellas. Always with the help, there were still holdouts who wanted to witness the storm.

Inside the reception, people ignored the weather outside, simply enjoying the merry time with Macy and Devin with music, dancing, and sightseeing.

Throughout the night, participants received messages asking them to stay away from certain roads when leaving, as these roads were flooded. Another message was that a car entered the lake because the driver could not see the road. All were saved.

By the end of the night there would have been 7 inches of rain pouring down from the clouds. The roads were flooded, trees and branches fell with a tree covering a few campers in our area.

Kevin and I walked back to this dam and the river was flowing over it, covering the mossy rocks below. Above the dam, the river had lifted a foot more than the day before.

“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry land; I will pour out my Spirit on your offspring, and my blessing on your offspring. They will grow like grass in a meadow, like poplars by the streams ”, Isaiah 44: 3-4 (NIV).

Like making the rain that pours on the earth to make things grow, so God will abundantly bless this couple.

Debbie Nibbelink is an editorial assistant at Sioux Center News. She can be reached at [email protected]


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