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Newlyweds’ loved every minute ‘of Bowness’ wedding after rearranging the date three times

The NEWLY BRIDES “loved every minute” of their wedding after rearranging the date three times due to the pandemic.

Jessica Killen, 31, textile designer, and Thomas Ellis, 31, IT product manager, first met in Liverpool.

Mr Ellis said he liked how motivated his wife was and Ms Ellis praised her husband’s positive outlook on life.

The couple got engaged three years ago while roaming the Catbells in the pouring rain.

“It’s a very special place for Tom’s family, so I thought we had just come upstairs so that we could say we had been,” Ms. Ellis said.

“We got to the top and I was worried about when we were going to eat the take-out quiche from Ambleside’s ‘Chesters’ cafe, and then he proposed. We had a drenched photo for the family.”

The couple have reorganized their marriage three times due to the pandemic, intending to throw a party with all of their loved ones.

Ms Ellis said: “We moved the wedding three times and got married on the fourth attempt on August 31st.

“We moved the date because we really wanted a party with everyone at the hotel.”

The couple got married to Lindeth howe Hotel in Bowness in front of 85 guests during the day and 120 guests for the evening festivities.

Ms Ellis said: “We had booked an exclusive wedding so we were able to have the whole hotel.

“The suppliers and the hotel felt like friends. They were so supportive during all the changes and really made the day so special. We really enjoyed having all of our friends and family gathered at the same place as it had been so long since we had seen people in a group.

“The most we saw in small groups was only six or two times.

“The dance floor was full at the start.

“Everyone danced like they’ve never danced before.

“I didn’t even take my shoes off or change my wedding dress. I danced the night away.

“We went for a walk after the meal by the lake for our photos and it was really beautiful and calming.

“We asked Tom’s uncle to do the service as we struggled to get the clerk on the wedding day due to the chaos of everyone changing the dates.

“It was so personal, after we said we were so happy we chose to have the wedding this way.

“We loved every minute and it was worth the wait and change.”

The newlyweds are going to Mauritius this weekend for their honeymoon.

Ms Ellis said: “We spent a few days in the lakes right after the wedding and are going to Mauritius this weekend. We had canceled the honeymoon twice but were looking forward to two relaxing weeks.”

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