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“New Zealand is at the top of my list”


Camera in hand and off you go. The Hangelo Julia I want nothing more than to take pictures. From beautiful landscapes to a wedding ceremony between family and friends, she has everything in front of her lens.

“When I walk outside, when I see people, or when I see something beautiful, I immediately like to film it. I know in advance how I see it myself. I think it’s so awesome when you see the end as a photo. I also really enjoy editing photos. I think it’s good to be proud of what I’ve shot, especially when others are excited about it. It makes me even happier, ”says Julia.

Since childhood

Julia’s interest in photography began in her youth. “I have always loved photos, videos and cameras. Whenever my dad took pictures, I immediately wanted to see, and I always wanted to keep this camera to myself. As I got older I got more involved which developed me more. “

“I got the camera once for my birthday and I’m going to use it a lot. My parents bought an SLR camera while on vacation and took lots of pictures with it. Eventually I started looking for better gear deeper and started saving for it. I bought a camera with the money I had saved and started filming a lot, ”he adds.

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Photo: Julia Selfhood


Where is Julia interested and what does she want to see through the lens? “I like to do portraits and beautiful landscapes. I often photograph landscapes that you will not soon come across here during the holidays. When it comes to portraits, my family and friends are mostly models. I also sometimes work on commissions. “His best landscape photo?” “I think it was in Rhodes, where I was able to take some really good pictures. I love the landscape when there are a lot of colors to see. With portraits, I like it to be black and white and there are lots of contrasts. “


“I often think when something happens that I think; that’s fine for a photo. So my mother said; You always see things that I don’t do. I think that’s the part that strikes me about things that other people don’t see quickly. My strength is there.

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Photo: Julia Selfhood

First photos

During this time, Julia has photographed many landscapes and people, but her first photos are still with her. “I still remember my first photos, but then I had more fun taking photos than professionally. At the time, I was hardly interested in the color and lighting in the photo. I was more concerned with whether someone was beautiful and the photo was in focus. It has changed a lot, and I see growth in this area. “

Very beautiful shoots

Julia doesn’t have to think too much about her best shoots. “I do a lot of shoots with my friend and have been photographing her for about six years. The development that I see from the first shoot so far is the most beautiful thing. I also got permission to take a photo at a wedding which was exciting as it was the first time I had known someone. In the end, these photos turned out very well and I personally appreciate it. They were also very excited which makes for a great time for me and my own growth. ”

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Photo: Julia Selfhood

Perfect picture

It’s clear that Julia grew up as a photographer when even a national TV show shows your photo in the episode. “I sent a photo to the ‘Head Perfect Blatz’ TV show. My photo was also on TV at the time. I was really very happy and very well. This is an action shot of my brother on a ski vacation. He jumped off a curve with his snowboard, he was half upside down, you can see the mountains in the background. “


“I always receive very positive reactions from those who follow me and from those who take pictures of me. Certainly very pleasant to hear. I often hear people think that it expresses itself well in terms of color. I also get a lot of positive feedback on my Instagram with the way I post my photos. Black and white. I change the colorful landscape photo. “

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Photo: Julia Selfhood


Julia is certainly already thinking about her next steps as a photographer. “I like to go from sharpness to lighting, especially in the technical aspect. I’m learning to work better with it, and it’s getting a little better. Who knows, I might do more than that in my job or later in my studies and develop more there. It will always be a hobby. “

New Zealand

Another place that stands alone for her on Julia’s list. She wants to go with the camera in hand for the perfect landscape shot. “There are so many beautiful places in the world where I still want to be photographed. New Zealand is one example. I always see beautiful pictures like this. But there are so many places in Europe that it can be beautiful.

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