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New Highland service makes sure pets can be a part of your special day


Gorgeous bride plays with a nice dog in the park

Married couples can rest assured that their furry friend can also be a part of their big day with the launch of a new canine chaperone service.

Highland “dogtrepreneur” Shirley Hastings (41) provided couples with a worry-free way to keep the family pet featured in the congregation.

Whether she plays a key role as a ring bearer, honor dog, or just meeting and welcoming guests, Ms. Hastings, who runs the Hiking Hounds canine adventure service, will accompany the couples’ dogs to their destination. big day.

She is present during the celebrations to make sure the four-legged guest of honor is calm, happy and well groomed.

Her expertise in managing dog groups in her adventure business also comes in handy when she helps pose the happy couple’s dog for photos.

The idea for the service came from her experience at her own wedding.

There was no doubt that his then four-year-old Sydney Spaniel would make an appearance during the day. The feasibility of doing this and organizing care for her dog is an issue she realized many would share.

Ms Hastings explained: “We were lucky in the sense that a friend of the family kindly agreed to take Sydney after the ceremony for the photographs.

“What we hadn’t counted on was that it was the hottest day of the year. When he arrived I was so worried that it would be too hot that we brought him home with his dog sitter as quickly as he arrived.

With an increase in the number of dog owners since the start of the pandemic, Ms Hastings believes there will be greater demand for such a service and she has already seen some interest from customers.

She has started taking reservations for next summer’s weddings and hopes to help couples get those all-important souvenir photos.

She added, “Away from the really nice, thoughtful photo of the three of us on my wedding day, we ended up with a photo ripped off. Having a professional chaperone on the day to liaise with the photographer and make sure our dog was relaxed and happy would definitely have made the experience a much better experience for everyone. ”

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