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My sister Bridezilla fired my four year old daughter as a flower girl because of her “poor performance”, I will never talk to her again

A distressed mother explained that after hours of training for her sister’s wedding, her four-year-old daughter was abandoned as a flower girl for her poor performance.

The 28-year-old mum shared how her sister, 26, had always been picky and expected perfection, but this time she had gone too far in ruling the little girl out of the procedure.


Upset mother explained how heartbroken her four-year-old daughter was after being abandoned as a flower girlCredit: Getty

She said her daughter “fell asleep crying” when she heard the disappointing news and the mother had no plans to speak to her sister again after her cruel decision.

Writing on Reddit, she said, “I’ll be blunt, my sister has always been one of those people who has to have everything perfect that it was hard to be around her sometimes.

“I was a little nervous when she asked me and my daughter to be bridesmaids in February because I knew she was going to be a huge bride.”

Despite her reservations, the mother agreed and complied with her sister’s requests, including purchasing a dress which the mother said cost £ 1,550.

She said: “Over the past few months, we have had to practice several dances, pay for very expensive dresses and endure her temper tantrums.

“I told her from the start that if she was mean to my child anyway, I couldn’t stand it, she assured me that she would never be mean to her ‘favorite person in the whole world’.”

Things started to change when the bride’s husband’s eight-year-old cousin joined in the rehearsals and the flower girl started being pushed outside.

Unsure of what was going on, the woman sat down with her sister to ask her what the situation was.

She said: “I invited her for coffee a few weeks before the wedding and asked her what was going on.

“She told me she was glad I brought it up because she was looking for the right time.

“Apparently my four year old daughter was not doing everything right and she was afraid to ‘spoil’ her. [vision]’saying the wrong thing or not doing the dance properly during the day.

“I told her that she [was] did a really good job and everyone was always praising her.

Even though I did my best and watered down as much as possible, the news still broke her heart. She fell asleep crying.

“The sister laughed and said it wasn’t THEIR day now, so it’s not for US to decide what’s good enough for her marriage.”

Exasperated by the conversation, the mother concerned decided to get straight to the point.

She said: “I asked her directly if she thought her niece was not well enough to be at her wedding, she responded with not something as big as a bridesmaid but something as big as a bridesmaid. attend.

“I asked her how I was going to tell my daughter who is delighted to be at the wedding, she just told me to understand.

“I told him I would give him a day to reconsider his decision or we wouldn’t [be] taking care not to speak to him anymore then left. “

After a few days of no news from her sister, the mother decided it was best to break the news to her daughter.


She said, “Even though I did my best and watered down as much as possible, the news still broke her heart. She fell asleep crying (my husband and me too).”

The couple then stopped talking to their sister and brother-in-law and did not attend any events that panicked the couple who will soon be married.

They started dropping gifts and frantically sending messages and letters to apologize.

The couple even showed up for their work and the woman had to threaten to call security to have them removed.

The woman was later contacted by the wedding photographer who said the day they heard the family of the woman’s brother-in-law utter racial slurs about her biracial child.

She said, “So yes, my daughter was not a flower girl because unlike me, her aunt or the other flower girl, she doesn’t have blue eyes and blonde hair.”

Your daughter crying to fall asleep made me sad. She is only 4 years old and so tiny and probably did her best and was so horny.

Other Reddit users were quick to comment on the upsetting situation.

One said: “Yes, this is her wedding. That doesn’t mean she has to trample on everyone’s feelings, especially not a 4 year old girl.”

Another said: “Your daughter who was crying to fall asleep made me sad. She is only 4 years old and so small and probably did her best and was so horny.

“Your sister is a giant hole ** and I hope her ‘perfect vision’ was worth telling *** to a 4 year old.

“Your sister’s husband and his family are garbage too. Tell them to stay out of this.”

While a third said: “She made you pay for expensive dresses, train you to dance, give your daughter hope, then decided to let her down.

“Even if your daughter wasn’t a little girl, I would still say it was horrible of her.”

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