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My proposal was one of the cheapest

By Joan Salmon

It is not very often that you find someone with whom you “click” on several fronts. Often times, many people are in a rush to “put a ring on it” without digging deeper into the person they are committed to spending their life with.

‘Salongo’ Samuel Eyangu and ‘Nalongo’ Prossy Akale Eyangu, on the other hand, appear to have hit the jackpot together.

They were really in love with each other that Samuel proposed to her over the phone.

“It was on one of those calls in the evening as we were finishing our day when he asked, ‘Will you marry me? I don’t think he intended to propose, but it happened as we spoke, ”she says.

“Without any prior idea that he was going to ask for my hand in marriage, there was no tingling sensation hearing him say it. I guess I was indifferent at the time and therefore able to tease him that I ‘needed to see him face to face when he said the words. However, after a few days he was quite upset about something and I wanted to cheer him up, so I said, “Yes, I will. ‘marry’, ”she adds.

Samuel said their proposal was one of the cheapest, as it didn’t involve a lot of people, just the two of them.


“We walked to Wandegeya, bought the engagement ring, prayed over it and that was it,” he says.

Prossy adds that she loves being her, never sold to cut and paste things from the film.

“Later he came to apologize for not kneeling down to give me the ring, and I told him not to do things because other people do them but just to be himself. I love that it’s simple, unique and down to earth, ”she says.

Young students

The two met at Makerere University Business School (MUBS) in 2003.

“We were doing the same course; Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and he specialized in accounting while I in finance. As such, we sat down together for the course units we shared, especially in second and third year, ”explained Prossy.

She also ran the Teso Students Development Association (TESDA) and Samuel was one of Prossy’s cabinet ministers who she said was quite different from most of the men she worked with.

“He was friendly, very honest, caring and genuine, so we became unconditional friends on campus.

Later I found out that he was also very brilliant with his name still appearing on the Dean’s List for Outstanding Performance. So I asked him to allow me to join their discussion group. Fortunately, he agreed and introduced me to the rest of his friends who eventually became my friends. They were all good students and good company, ”she recalls.

On the other hand, Samuel liked the character of Prossy; genuine, generous and focused while fearing God. “These are the main things that attracted me to her,” he says.

There is something about being true friends with whoever you marry, as their courtship did not last more than three months.

“After we graduated in 2005, in 2006, we decided to start dating. Having been great friends all this time, making the decision to get married was easy, ”she laughs.

After making this decision, it took them a year to prepare for their wedding in which they attended the Pentecostal Church in Kampala, now Watoto Church, and made their reservation as well as pre-nuptial counseling. that Pastors Mark and Maureen Kigozi accompanied them.

Their introduction took place in February 2007 and subsequently a wedding on March 24, 2007 at Watoto Church. Their entourage consisted of a matron, a best man, a maid of honor, a page boy and four maids.

In April of that year, they conceived and while this immediate change is usually tricky for many couples, the Eyangus found solace in a close friend who is also a doctor.

“He is now one of our pastors at Worship Harvest Ministries where we communicate, but at the time he was very helpful at the Nsambya hospital where he worked. It made the process much lighter because we often got professional advice in this area when we needed it, ”they say.


That aside, Samuel remembers their first year of marriage as a year struggling with finances, especially with rent and upkeep of the house, but God helped them.

“I remember telling him once, during those times, that I never had a time when my bank account had a zero balance, but we were here with several times of ‘zero balance’. Nonetheless, I am grateful that God helped us through these times and that we were able to go through them smoothly, ”he says.

Complete yourself

In contrast, for the past 14 years, Prossy has been unable to pinpoint any serious challenges they have faced.

“Yes, we are different and were raised differently from different backgrounds, but we actually complement each other. Samuel made me enjoy marriage over the years we were married and I’m sure the best is yet to come, ”she said.

“I think what also helped us was that we were first friends before deciding to get married. When you are friends there are no strings attached, so no need to pretend, just be yourself. As such, when we got married it just got better because at that point we became intentional to look after each other. “

They have three children, including twins, but have also had several other children from time to time, such as cousins, nieces and nephews.

The other glue that holds them together is that they understand each other and that one of their love languages ​​is quality time.

“Therefore, we like to hang out, talk, travel, plan, joke and tease each other,” they beam.


Salongo and Nalongo Eyangu advise young people that when you love someone who loves you too, don’t be fooled by material wealth, whether they have it or not. “All of this comes with time, for the Bible says, ‘He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains the favor of the Lord. “

Therefore, favor will follow and there will be plenty. Otherwise, marriage is a good thing and it is God’s idea ”,

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