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“My house is not a boarding school”

A groom wonders if he went overboard when he told wedding guests their dogs couldn’t stay at his house.

He asked Reddit “Am I the A******? (AITA)” to weigh. He and the bride use their house as the wedding venue. There is a dog kennel and guests seemed to think they would all have access to it. When the groom crushed their assumptions, many refused to attend the ceremony.

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“AITA for telling my wedding guests that my house is not a boarding house?” […] My fiance [and I] are getting married in the spring and we plan to have the wedding at our home to help defray the costs,” he said. “The house is almost four acres and has plenty of space with a pool. My grandparents passed it on to me before they died.

“We will hold the reception at a local venue and we will have everything in place. We have two large dogs who are very friendly and have a kennel big enough for them to hang out in when the weather is nice outside.

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Everything was fine until the guests started enjoying their accommodation.

“My parents asked if we would be willing to let their dog stay with us as the hotel does not allow dogs,” he wrote. “We didn’t see a problem, because the dogs know each other well. The problem arose when customers started asking if their dogs could come and stay with us.

“My fiancée is starting to get upset and might want to change the date and location. I’ve had enough and told our guests that we are not a boarding house and that we should find other arrangements to their pets Some of the guests on my fiancée’s side decided not to attend unless we accommodated them.

The editors thought the groom had every right to exclude guests.

“If they can’t afford to board their pets or hire a pet sitter, they should stay home,” one user wrote.

“It’s YOUR wedding. They can have their dogs at their fucking wedding,” another said.

“It’s your guests’ responsibility to know what to do with their pets,” someone commented.

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