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A mum from Somerset has explained how she’s taken on an extra side hustle which not only helps her pay the bills but is also a lot of fun. She told it was a great way to take advantage of the warmer months and she would “absolutely” recommend it to everyone.

Emily Kay Goodman has been going to gigs and festivals for years, but what’s unusual about her story is that she rarely has to shell out hundreds of pounds for a ticket.

The mother works as a narrative strategist during the day running her website, but at night she trades in her laptop for her cocktail shaker and makes money off her bartending skills.

She saves between £50 and £300 per concert or festival ticket and prefers to go to a festival this way.

Not only has this saved thousands of pounds over the years on tickets, it has also saved him money on the side.

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She continued: “You can see the bands warming up if you arrive on time.

“If you really want to see someone, like a band for example, the event supervisor can arrange to cover for you.

“It’s like camping with your homies, free music everywhere, doing a job that introduces you to nice people with free accommodation and travel.

“Then you come home with piles of dosh!”

On its website MyCause states: “The role you take on depends on the needs of the festival.

“This may include hosting stages, campsites and parking lots, managing festival eco-bonds, staffing gates, checking tickets and wearing wristbands.

“Be sure to check out the festival you’re interested in to see the specific role you’ll be playing.

“You simply pay a refundable deposit that covers you for as many festivals as you want to volunteer.”

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