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Melissa Hankinson, former WA treasurer Troy Buswell, denies attempting to attack him while intoxicated

Troy Buswell’s ex-wife has denied getting drunk at a ‘high society’ party and falling as she repeatedly tried to kick the former WA treasurer.

Melissa Hankinson was on her fourth day of testifying at Mr Buswell’s trial on six counts of physically assaulting her during their five-year relationship.

One of the assaults allegedly took place three weeks before their wedding in 2016, after attending what Mr Buswell’s lawyer described as a ‘high society’ party in Dunsborough, property developer Nigel Satterley.

Ms Hankinson testified that the violence started in the taxi on the way home when Mr Buswell, who she said was wearing cowboy boots, repeatedly kicked her in the leg.

She also claimed that after they arrived at the house and their room, he punched her in the jaw, pushed her to the ground and kicked her in the body several times, injuring his ribs.

Mr Buswell denies all of the allegations made against him and today, under cross-examination by his lawyer Tom Percy QC, Ms Hankinson was told that she was the one who had been aggressive that night.

Troy Buswell defends claims that he repeatedly assaulted his ex-wife.

Mr Percy accused Ms Hankinson of ‘drinking a lot’ at the party because she thought people looked down on her, and when Mr Buswell told him they had to leave, she pushed and shoved him.

It was also claimed that Ms Hankinson then attempted to kick Mr Buswell on several occasions but fell.

However, Ms Hankinson denied all allegations made about her, saying she did not feel left out of the party, was not drunk, was not aggressive towards Mr Buswell and was not fallen in the driveway.

Ms Hankinson was also told that Mr Buswell did not wear cowboy boots because the party was a standing function and he had problems with his feet which meant he had to wear boots with orthotics.

Ms Hankinson again denied the request.

“He loved these boots. He wore them, ”she says.

Mr Percy accused Ms Hankinson of lying about the events in the bedroom and claimed that instead of being punched and punched by Mr Buswell she ‘tripped and crashed’ onto the side of the bed and on the bedside table.

“Did you get drunk stumbled in the dark in the bedroom?” he said.

“No,” Mrs. Hankinson replied.

She had previously said that after she managed to get out of the bedroom, she saw Mr Buswell’s mother in the kitchen and told him what had happened.

The court heard that the next day Ms Hankinson and Mr Buswell went to a date with their wedding photographer and later to another party at Nigel Satterley’s house.

Ms Hankinson claimed that she went to both events with rib injuries.

Ms Hankinson is a police officer and a few days later had to take a fitness class.

The defense has suggested that she would not have been able to complete the course if she had had the rib injuries she claims to have sustained.

But Ms Hankinson testified that she took medication ahead of time, walked a lot on the course, and stood by her side when she had to do climbing tasks.

Buswell accused of threatening to cut his wife’s credit cards

It was also alleged that Mr Buswell financially controlled Ms Hankinson.

But today, the defense claimed that Mr Buswell was very generous with her and that her monthly credit card expenses exceeded $ 2,000.

Ms Hankinson disagreed, telling the court Mr Buswell was not generous with her and said on one occasion, after purchasing three items, that he was going to cut his credit cards.

She also said that she stopped going to hairdressers because it caused too many arguments.

The trial, in the Perth Magistrates Court, is expected to be adjourned until later this year, at the end of today’s proceedings.

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