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Meghan Markle news – Piers Morgan slams Prince Harry for ‘sulking in his mansion’ while on Philip’s shift

“My friend Prince Harry DE-FRIENDED me for jokingly calling him Ginger Nuts”

JACK Whitehall says he is ‘banned’ from seeing his old friend Prince Harry after he cheekily gags him.

The comedian, 33, claims a tongue-in-cheek joke at the Royal Variety Show in 2015 where he called Harry ‘Ginger Nuts’ is the reason he was blacklisted.

Jack revealed the news this week at the London Palladium as part of his How To Survive The Summer Holidays tour alongside his mother Hilary, 59, and father Michael, 81.

Poking fun at the ex-royal and his wife Meghan Markle, Michael teased: “Jack I read a book recently and it changed my life and I put this book down and thought I had to become a writer myself. This book is called The Bench and it is written by Meghan Markle.

When released in June last year, the book sold just 3,212 copies, with the former Suits actress saying the book “started out as a love letter to my husband and my son”.

During a dig at the prince’s home – who insiders say is attending the Oscars in Los Angeles this weekend after being asked to present the Best Picture award – he added of the children’s book: “She l presumably wrote for Harry.”

Taking on a fake condescending voice, Michael continued: “Yes darling, read it carefully. It’s only three lines per page Harry…Harry, it’s fine.

Taking yet another swipe, Michael added: “He’s your friend Harry. Except you’re not allowed to see him anymore. You’ve been banished… ostracized from the Sussexes.

With a smirk, Jack replied, “I think I got banned because I called it ‘Ginger Nuts’ at the Royal Variety”.